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All Prensa's released mods ported to New Vegas.

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  • Mandarin
 Firstly, Thanks again to Prensa for giving me permission to complete another port (for the 3rd time)

What's different from 1st New Vegas port?

It's now in a single .esp
now located in 
WESTSIDE  (see Pipboy map).
*New Location has a NAVmesh and can be used as a 'Safe House'  includes a bed and work benches/Hot plate and clean water source -The current resident will use any food or drinks left unattended..
*a 'small' amount of 'low or basic' grade ammo for each weapon has been provided. *will re-spawn every few days.
*All 'Prensa's subtle hidden extra's - A.K.A 'Prensa eggs' are in the same location'.

Both Melee weapons and all Pistols have been added to HOLDOUT list.
All weapons now gain relevant bonuses from the following Perks :

Demolition Expert
Laser Commander

Dekard's Gun added - this version uses .44 MAG ammo List
*Smith & Wesson .44SPR ammo added to .44Ammolist
*Moveable Gun Case NOT INCLUDED - in this port.

Mega-City One Judge - Armour and Weapons Pack added.
Judge Outfits (All Named Armour's work for both Female and Male) 10 'named' outfits  - 1 'Unnamed' outfit.
*Lawgiver Pistol - uses NV10mm Ammolist -
(Weapon has scripted  Ammo options when the Lawgiver is equipped)

Mega-City One  Judge - Widowmaker added.
*Widowmaker also uses scripted Ammo selection upon being equipped.
Widowmaker SG- uses NV12gaugeAmmolist
Widowmaker GL and EMP versions both use NV40mmAmmolist (will remove one version at a later date)

*MC1 40mm ammo added to NV40mmAmmoList

* If you like this mod, please drop a comment over on the Original mod pages -  you can use the links below.

9mm Beretta 93R and Auto 9 from the Robocop movies - Description on 
Prensa's page

Deckard's gun from Blade Runner - Description on  Prensa's page

Jack Harper's Gear from the movie Oblivion - Description on  Prensa's page

King County Sheriff uniform and .357 Colt Python from AMC's The Walking Dead - Description on  Prensa's page

Mega-City One Judge Armour and Weapons - Description  on  Prensa's page

Mega-City One Judge Widowmaker Shotgun - Description over on  Prensa's page

.40S&W/10mm Beretta 90two/Beretta 96A1 (been on TV...somewhere,...maybe) - Description on Prensa's page

Conflicts - None so far




Reserved by Prensa.