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Adds a Judge's armor & weapons from the movie Dredd (2012).

Permissions and credits
13 Oct - It's come to my attention that there's a bug with the Boker knife, it smokes when grabbed with Z key.
             Though it might sound odd it's cause was simple, it was an early test for the incendiary round effects & I forgot to remove
             the script from the knife afterwards.

             1.1 version of the mod with an updated .esp is available with the smoke script removed from the knife.

             Sorry for any inconvenience!


9 September - Released Mega-City One Judge Widowmaker Shotgun.


26 August - Added Optional replacment .esp's called "Extra Badge version" & "Extra Badge version - CALIBR".
                  These replace the normal .esp with a version that places all the extra armors in a footlocker in the Capitol Post building.
                  Intended for those that want to use all the available armors on companions .etc & are unfamilliar with how to add them in

                  Use only one depending on which version of the main file you use (CALIBR or vanilla ammo).

                  These files contain only a replacement .esp so the main file is needed, simply install the new .esp over the old.
                  You need to have installed the Optional "Extra Badges Pack 1" as well.


4 July - I've added an RH Ironsights patch to the File section under Miscellaneous.
           It is the Lawgiver with it's positioning adjusted, so the main file is still needed.
           Install the version of the main mod you want FIRST then install the IS patch AFTER.


           I've also added some extra badge names under Optional.
           They can be used in the same way as the other badge names, being renamed to swap in.
           They can also be added as different armors via GECK.





           The Blank badge is just the shield with no name, it's intended for those wanting to create many generic Judges.


(1) Short description.
(2) Long description.
(3) Lawgiver selectable ammo
(4) CALIBR & Vanilla versions
(5) Optional Badges
(6) Installing & Uninstalling
(7) Conflicts & Issues
(8) Bugs
(10) Thanks & Credits.

(1) Short description

Adds a Judge's armor & weapons from the movie Dredd (2012).

They can be found in the Capitol Post building at L'Enfant Plaza, on a bench under one of the wall crests.

Seems Tech division sent supplies via a Dimension Jump & they ended up in the wrong place. :)

See gallery for location images.

(2) Long description

As a long time reader of 2000AD & sci-fi fan I greatly enjoyed the movie adaptation Dredd (2012).

I particularly liked their interpretation of the Judge's armor. It retained many of the distinctive characteristics from the comic books but successfully adapted it to a real world scenario. Part riot gear, part motorbike cop leathers all bad arse.

I'd recently dabbled in custom armor & needed a project to improve my skills in that area so created this.

The Lawgiver MkIIs in the film were built on Glock 17s so I built Glocks first then built the Lawgiver on top.

Rounded out the package with the knife the Judges carried in the film, Böker folder knife.

I actually made the model some time ago after enjoying the movie, been meaning to package it up & release for a while.

The Judge's armor was my second custom armor after the Tet Tech armor from the movie Oblivion. It was far more complex to build & I learnt a lot making it.

The weapon has gun shot effects based on their movie world sound plus custom icons for all added items.

I did give Moira & Flak & Shrapnel supplies of the Incendiary & High explosive rounds to sell.

I provided the vanilla 10mm ammo version for players that don't use CALIBR.

(3) Lawgiver selectable ammo

If you have more than one type of compatible ammo in your inventory, equipping the Lawgiver will present you with a selection menu.

There are three types of ammo:

Standard - 10mm for the Vanilla version or 9×19mm for the CALIBR version.

Incendiary - Bursts on impact releasing white phosphorus that, after a brief delay, burns fiercely.
                  Best used at a distance, firing at a nearby wall or overhanging object so it can scatter over enemies below.
                  Repeatedly firing on the same location can cause the fire to form a dangerous backdraft so use caution.
                  Incendiary round fire will flow down slopes & stairs, useful for trick shots.

High Explosive - A small but powerful explosive tipped round.

(4) CALIBR & Vanilla versions

There are Two versions of this mod to choose from, CALIBR & Vanilla.

Only use one version.

Both versions add the same Armor & Weapons the only difference is the CALIBR version
uses 9×19mm ammo & adds it to vendor chests alongside the Incendiary & HiEx ammo for Moira in Craterside Supply, Megaton
& Flak & Shrapnel in the Rivet City market.

The vanilla version is set to use 10 ammo as standard rounds, still includes the Incendiary & HiEx ammo, & has no requirements other than Fallout 3 of course.

(5) Optional Badges

The Default male armor badge reads "Dredd" & the female "Anderson".
There a few additional badges that can be used instead.

To make use of them go to:

Fallout 3\Data\Meshes\MegaCityOneJudge\Armor

The file used for male armor is:


Delete that & copy one of the other options;

outfitm Giant.nif
outfitm Lexx.nif

& rename it by removing the name at the end to end up with:


To return to Dredd do the same with:

outfitm Dredd.nif

To change the female armor badge go to:

Fallout 3\Data\Meshes\MegaCityOneJudge\Armor\Female

The file used for female armor is;


The alternates are:

outfitf Hershey.nif
outfitf Psi.nif

Change the default by copying the alternate & removing the end name to end up with:


To return to Anderson do the same with:

outfitf Anderson.nif

I hope to add a few more badge names as an optional download.

(6) Installing & Uninstalling

Using a Mod Manager:

Download manually, right click on the archive & "Open With" Mod manger (FOMM/NMM).

The mod will now open in your mod manager's Package Manager, left click on it & select "Activate" to complete the install.

Don't forget to take care of archive invalidation, the version built into mod
managers often needs to be turned off & then back on again AFTER
adding a new mod.

To uninstall, open your mod manager, open the Package Manager, left click on the mod & select Deactivate.

Manual Install:

Download manually, unpack the archive, drag the extracted folder & drop it
into your Fallout 3 folder (not into the Data folder as the package is
already named Data). Say yes when asked to overwrite.

Go to your Data Files & tick:


Don't forget to take care of archive invalidation.

Manual Uninstall:

Go to your Data Files, untick:


Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data

Delete this file:


Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data/Textures

Delete this folder:


Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data/Sound/fx

Delete this folder:


Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data/Meshes

Delete this folder:


The mod is now uninstalled & removed.

(7) Conflicts & Issues

- Both versions - The items are placed in the Capitol Post building at L'Enfant Plaza so if you have a
mod making changes to that location there could be possible conflicts.

Additionally both versions make the Lawgiver's special ammo available for Moira in Craterside Supply, Megaton & Flak & Shrapnel in the Rivet City market to sell.

CALIBR version also includes 9mm ammo to buy as well.

Therefore new vendor containers are added to those cells, if you have a mod making changes to either this may conflict.
The changes are designed to be as unobtrusive to the game as possible & work with most mods that make simple additions & a Merged Patch
should fix many clashes.

(8) Bugs

When used in certain cells the Incendiary round droplets can appear at the COC location.
Might be related to Room Bounds & the strange effect they can have on dropped items,
so it's an engine bug rather than a rather than an issue with the Incendiary round itself.

Only observed it occasionally & it was not a big enough issue to spoil the fun of the Incendiary rounds.


Q: The textures of the weapons are strange & seem to take on the look of the surrounding objects, what's up with that?

A: Sounds like a classic archive invalidation issue, if you're using a mod
    manager make sure to toggle Archive Invalidation off & back on again AFTER installing this mod.

    You can also use the stand alone tool ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated:


    But ONLY USE ONE METHOD as using both together can cancel each other out.

Q: Will you convert this to New Vegas?

A: No, simply because I don't own New Vegas as I've yet to overcome my dislike of STEAM.
    Since I don't own the game I'd be unable to support the mod properly.

Q: I notice that in many of the images in the gallery your Pipboy glove is off allowing the Judge's gauntlet to show, how's that done?

A: There are a few mods that allow the Pipboy glove to be removed, I use "Remove That Glove".
    The Judge gauntlet will clip slightly with the Pipboy but I think it looks acceptable.

Q: I just dropped some litter, that's not a problem is it?

A: You're doing time in the Iso-Cubes, get moving perp.

(10) Thanks & Credits

Huge thanks to Dredd's creators: John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra & Pat Mills.

Florix Grabundae to Tharg the Mighty for bringing Thrill-Power to us mere Earthlings. May you ever have polystyrene cups to eat.

Thanks to the costume & prop designers of Dredd (2012).

Big thanks to the Studio Creations website for the invaluable info on the movie costumes.

Big Thank-You Kindly to the makers of the Zarjaz Nifskope.

Thanks to the makers of Paint.net & DXTBmp, my tools of choice for textures.

Thanks to the makers of Blender, I've finally got my head around it & am making some cool things with it.

Thanks to ElminsterAU for the essential mod editing tool FO3Edit.

Thanks to the makers of Audacity, a wonderful & free program that allows one to record & edit sounds easily.
Without which I'd have been unable to give the weapons their custom sounds.

Thanks go to Bethesda for a great game with the fantastic ability to be modded!

Thanks also to the Nexus for providing a safe home for mods, modders & mod users.


Special thanks to CLW, without whom I'd not exist & who's passing has left
me so deeply saddened that there are no words to adequately describe it.

From the Earth we come, to the Earth we return, to live again as a part of something new.