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Expands how the Well Rested effect works. Effect duration is now in actual game hours, gives a few more buffs aside from increased XP, and patches all the game prostitutes' scripts to also grant the buff for purchasing their services.

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Well Rested Overhaul

REQUIRES... you know what, screw it, I'm not listing requirements here anymore. Check the tab for them or get bent.

The Well Rested buff, a nice idea, though kinda half baked. It lasts 1440 seconds of "real" time, which, when adjusted for a default timescale of 30, gives 12 hours of game time with it... but of course, that starts to fall flat when using a different timescale. Plus, there's the tiny detail of that duration being the same no matter how long you hit the sack. Just rest for 1 hour in your owned bed, enjoy 12 of being Well Rested, rinse and repeat. And finally, pretty much all the "hot coffee" action you can engage in the standard game ends up giving pretty much nothing in return... just a black screen, a few lost game hours, and some cheesy moans if at all.

In this mod, I've addressed all these issues:
  • Well Rested's duration is no longer tied to the scripted effect itself, instead it is controlled as a quest variable. The mod registers at which hour you enter sleep, and if you're under the effect of the vanilla well rested effect when waking up, calculates the duration under which you'll be under the Well Rested perk buff as (hours slept x 1.5) <= 12h. Thus, to get a full Well Rested buff, nothing beats sleeping in an owned/special bed for a full 8 hours, which, you know, is the mainstream magic number of sleep time (personally, I need at least 12, but then I'm a friggin sleep cripple, like that jackass Little Buster). You can also see the Well Rested perk in the pipboy tab, with the number of hours left for it to expire in its description.
  • Well Rested provides some additional effects beyond a 10% increase in earned XP, which is kinda useless once you hit the level cap. So in addition to it, you also gain +10% to your accuracy with firearms, action point regeneration rate, and attack speed. A good sleep is good for your nerves and muscles.
  • And finally, all the sex scenes (I hope) now can grant the Well Rested buff, as well as having the player actually sleep through them and lowering his Sleep Deprivation in hardcore mode, instead of just having the clock skip a few hours. So now you have no excuse to smash at Vault 21 with Ms. Weintraub (don't forget the oil), or to take Red Lucy head on once you fulfill her "alpha hunter" fetish, plus you now get something out of abusing Joana other than being a bloody bastard. These three encounters will grant you 3 hours of sleep, 4.5 hours of well rest bonus. So will the services of the Casa Madrid professionals (Jimmy, Maude and Sweetie). As for Dazzle in the Gomorrah, and Beatrix Russell, Santiago and Fisto in the Atomic Wrangler, purchasing their (cheap) services will grant you 1 hour of sleep and 1.5 of well rest. You may now proceed with complaints about the "objectification" and "gamification" of sex. I care, really.

As a side effect, the duration of the vanilla Well Rested actor effect is reduced to a token 10 seconds and is in fact dispelled ASAP. Bear this in mind, because it might cause conflicts I'm unaware of. As asafeguard, if the actor effect is applied by some other mod when mine has no starting hour of sleep registered, you'll be granted 12 hours of Well Rested by default.

Install/uninstall by enabling/disabling the 'migWellRested.esp'.