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HD Retexture for the Pip-Boy 2500 from the popular Pip-Boy replacer mod "A Familiar Friend'.

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I've been using EdisLeado's wonderful Pip-Boy 2500 ever since I started modding New Vegas. The original texture isn't bad at all, but I just wanted to fix a couple of the more unseemly areas. This led to me recreating the entire thing in 4K. It's a disease. 

I've also included four color options for the device. I've opted for colors I felt were lore friendly in the context of previous Pip-Boys.


Install the original mod if you haven't already. Pick a color, any color. Download. Mod Manager. You know the drill.


Thanks to EdisLeado for the original mod.

As always, the Photoshop file has been included for your editing pleasure. If you request a change that you can easily do yourself I reserve the right to call your mom and tell her that you're not applying yourself. What kind of slacker did she raise, anyway?

And that's it! Check out my other mods PM's HD Ammo Boxes, PM's Med Textures, and I Know I'm Wearing Faction Armor. If you find value in my work, consider shouting me a coffee!