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A realistic and detailed overhaul of Freeside

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UPDATE  - December 31st, 2017

I've fixed the missing gate mesh bug, the new version should work, uninstall and delete the first file and install this version only

Here's the deal... 

I loved the Strip and the surrounding Vegas ruins, but one area always left me so underwhelmed, the ruins of Fremont. Out of the three variants of the same buildings that had been copied and pasted only a few buildings were left operational, and barely stood out. 

Why would House, ignoring factories, offices, hotels, and apartments wall up this dump when the rest of Vegas was seemingly in better shape and actually liveable?

I guess my irritation and autistic joy of using the creation kit led me to upload my solution to this problem, my own mod. 

I just love some of the stuff I saw on here, and I know I'm eight years late but I thought some people might be able to poke some fun at what I made...

What I have done 
  1. Changed the bus gate - it was put so that consoles could enjoy a half-ass Freeside. I wanted to do a fancy gate with fencing so it looked like a tiered city with walls that actually had a purpose. Freeside open can be rough on computers, especially mine so I made sure that North and South Freeside looked interchangeable and transitioned smoothly, with buildings being visible from both sides of the wall
  2. Cleared and fixed the main roads - not so that they look brand new, but so they look like Freeside was in half decent shape. I moved the cars off the primary roads because I thought, how would they move around Vegas to rebuild and support it? Surely some vehicles were in use, and if not they might as well keep tidy... (also the gate I changed made more sense in terms of vehicles coming through Freeside)
  3. Changed all the buildings - every building that didn't have an interior has been replaced, including an old courthouse and large casino off Fremont Street. I haven't made interiors for any of the buildings yet, most are inaccessible like the three apartment buildings I added. While I certainly don't plan to fit a room for every building, I might do a cool interior and if I figure out how to use the geck better maybe even some quests.


I've bug-checked quests and pathways for my mod. I removed the alley trigger early in the mod because it didn't fit with the gas station off the King's Building and wasn't game breaking...

This mod pretty much changes all of Freeside, so most mods probably won't be compatible with Freeside with my mod installed, your all free to bugcheck and change my mod for your own use, as long as you don't take all the credit lol.


You might need Speedy's Resources, I used it while I was creating the mod but didn't use any of the assets yet but possibly will in the future