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Re-enables the Big Guns Skill and provides automatic compatibility for mods that add weapons, along with providing a framework for perks.

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Use another mod that adds Big Guns perks such as Miguick's Big Guns or use any of the perk packs listed under optional files.
Classic Fallout Weapons to pad out the Big Guns list. If you are using TTW 3.2 I would avoid this due to conflicts.
DLC Weapons and Armors in the Mojave or Weapons of the Wasteland so you'll find Big Guns like Automatic Rifles and Shoulder-Mounted Machine Guns in the Mojave.

How it works: (basically)

See the article tab for more info.

Completely scripted (except optional plugin for DE), scripts only run once under various conditions. They should not affect game performance.

Miscellaneous: (for modders, users who want to tweak how it functions, or the curious)

It may end up changing weapons that shouldn't count as Big Guns (everything that uses the TwoHandHandle or TwoHandLauncher types, is playable, and is not in the Exclusions formlist gets changed. I've accounted for everything in the UE, TTW, and New California that does not belong). If this changes something you don't believe fits, you can set up and use the toggle hotkey in the Advanced Options menu; the same can be done to make another weapon use Big Guns.

If you want to add a perk that only affects specific type of Big Guns, such as weapons that used to formerly use Energy Weapons, there are formlists available in the GECK for each different weapon type (Energy, Ballistic, Explosives, Flame); all prefixed with "SHOBigGunsType".


miguick for Big Guns Skill, which this mod was originally designed around.
darthbdaman forĀ IMPACT - Compatibility Edition, for pointing me in the right direction when it comes to scripting.
NVSE Team/jazzisparis for expanding the scripting engine of Fallout: New Vegas substantially.
The GECK Wiki contributors for keeping up to date information on all functions added by JIP LN and NVSE.

Future Plans:

Add option to adjust level lists to provide a better experience.