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A safehouse for the Courier located in the Villa main square. Includes lots of lovingly-crafted details and a backstory.

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You've heard of the Sierra Madre Casino. We all have, the legend, the curses. Some foolishness about it lying in the middle of the City of Dead, a city of ghosts. Buried beneath a blood-red Cloud, a bright, shining monument luring treasure hunters to their doom...

Updated 08/09/21 - Yes, really! See Changelog and read the updated sticky post 

The Courier wasn't the first person to get lured into the Sierra Madre's trap; some were captured by Elijah just like they were, others came here of their own accord, searching for treasure and finding only death. Many were killed quickly, either by the Villa's many dangers or their own greed, but a few managed to survive longer than most.

One such person was Coleen Matthews, or Cole, who came to the Sierra Madre 8 years before the Courier. Cole is gone now, but her legacy endures in the form of the abandoned building she called home for all those years and her memories which remain recorded on her terminal.

It served Cole well in that toxic ruin - maybe it will do the same for another?


Cole's Hideout is a player home located near the Fountain; I chose this location because it is the central quest hub for the Villa quests, and the most convenient place to duck in, rest, drop off some gear. Since there's no fast-travel in the Sierra Madre, I felt I shouldn't make people run all over the Villa to get to their base.The hideout is locked by default and the clue leading to the key is on a piece of paper stuck to the door. It's a very simple puzzle, but if you get stuck,I will provide the solution in the comments. 

The idea behind the hideout is that it belonged to one of the most successful Sierra Madre explorers, hence the cluttered, lived-in look. Some of the furniture is improvised from what Cole could scavenge in the villa over the years. It was my way of justifying something other than an empty room, which would have looked boring. :P

There is NO overpowered gear inside, in fact the only usable weapon is a Cosmic Knife and Cole's hat can be found on the dresser.  From that point of view, it won't give anyone an unfair advantage. Most of the items I used for decoration are static and just for show.

What it DOES offer are the following:

  • A bed to rest in.
  • Several containers to store stuff in.
  • Crafting stations (workbench, reloading bench, chemistry set, cooking station - look for them, they won't look exactly like how you remember them.)
  • A few consummables, some Sierra Madre chips and a sink with irradiated water.
  • A map marker so you always know where to go - no fast travel allowed, though.
  • Cole's Terminal, detailing the ill-fated story of the hideout's original owner.
  • An additional piece of armour to wear in the DLC and a matching weapon, if you can find Cole's remains in the Villa.

I suppose having all those readily available can be considered an advantage, whether it's an unfair one or not is up to you to decide. If you're going for a hardcore, ultimate challenge playthrough, maybe don't download this. On the other hand, if you've played the DLC before or don't mind a bit of convenience, I don't think this makes it substantially easier.


Q: What are the two files for? Which one should I use?
A: I use Interior Lighting Overhaul and as such the lighting inside the hideout has been adjusted for it. It will look too bright in a vanilla game (or one without mods that make it darker), so I provided a file with light adjusted for that. Depending on what visual mods you're using, YMMV.

Q: Does the ILO file require ILO?
A: No; it's just designed with it in mind.

Q: What visual mods are you using?
A: Interior Lighting OverhaulEnhanced ShadersPoco Bueno texture pack.

This mod wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful resources these people shared:

My boyfriend adriant1978 for cleaning the file for me.