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"The Rail" is an area accessed through Nellis, it contains new weapons armour and places.

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---The Rail---

The Rail is have come to call my project that I have been working on for quite sometime and after scrapping it around 3 times I am finally happy with the result.

A new threat is rising, located north of Nellis Airforce, a tougher breed of raider has taken control of a pre-war military base and they believe they can rule the wastes with the tech they have salvaged.
-A new mini-mini-mini DLC size area with new enemies and encounters.
-11 new Nifskope weapons with custom sounds to find and use.
-2 new* armours *note: only 1 is actually new and it still kinda isn't but I can't use blender so...
-Navmeshed. Yes, that's a feature.
Travel to Nellis Airforce Base and follow the railroad north until you find a tunnel.
Blasted Bob will give you a rundown.
Make sure you have all the DLC and place the contents of the data folder in your steam
\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data  folder, or just use the NMM.
Q: What ENB are you using?
A: I actually don't know, I have had it installed so long I forgot.
Q: What is the sick nasty Pip-Boy mod you are using?
A: I know this one, here---http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38844/?
Q: Everything is broken!!!
A: Most likely you installed it wrong if not there might be a confliction with where I made everything, because there is only so many unused tiles of sand that are workable.

A: I found reloading your last save fixes it, I also don't know what causes it so don't expect a fix unless somebody else knows.
Q: Guns are too loud.
A: This is subjective so if they are too loud for you go download audacity and make them quieter.
Q: mod sux.
A: I'm sorry

-Special Thanks-
for tutorials on how to do stuff.
TheNedimus1 for info on how to lip sync
alchestbreach for just being inspirational.
Patch Notes-
1.4 - Changed around the textures on the ground to be less boring
-Buffed Heavy Lancer damage from 29 to 35
-Added recipe for Nuka Blast

1.3 -(Probably) fixed the bugs with the Mountain Lab opening room being missing.
-Added a drink I forgot to place
1.2 -Fixed Metal Bit model, I placed it in the wrong folder when I uploaded.

1.1 -Fix Train Station door not working
- Lowered perception on raiders so they aren't omnipotent anymore.