Fallout New Vegas
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About this mod

A simple mod that displays the name of your weapon when you want. Can now also display the weapons attached mods. FPS inspired.

Permissions and credits
A simple mod that displays the name of your weapon when you want. FPS inspired.

Should work with any weapon mods. Please inform me if you experience problems with any!

See section 5 for supported weapon mod mods.

My first ever mod so positive feedback is obliged.

1. Requirements

This mod requires MCM, NVSE and UIO

2. Installation

Simply copy everything into your data folder

3. How to use

Upon installation, your gun name should be appearing in the centre of the screen.
A menu for the mod should now appear in the mod configuration menu.

  • Display Options - These options determine when the weapon name will be displayed.
  • Hot keys - Change the hot key for moving the hud and the key for the button display.
  • More Options - Here you can change further setting to the hud
  • Weapon Mods - In this section decide if you want to display a suffix in the case that your weapon has mods equiped - see section below

4. Weapon Mod Prefixes

Weapon mods can now be displayed as suffixes. In the vanilla game (and most mods), weapon mods have names such as "10mm SMG Extended Mags" which would need to be shortened to "Extended Mags" when displayed. Doing this requires multiple scripts comparing the name (i.e. a shit ton of if statements), meaning each mod needs to be manually added to a script. Below is a list of currently supported weapon mods:

  • Every Vanilla Mod
  • WMX - Main File
  • WMX - All DLC additions

Of course, their are tons of mods currently not supported so feel free to request mods and also request changes to the current mods if you feel they need adjusting.

5. Compatability

Should work with and without Darn UI
All gun mods should work.

6. Problems

If you experience any problems see below.

Check your MCM to see if it is there. If so it could mean it's working but the setting have changed from what they were. Check the correct display options are ticked and also make sure you check the opacity field. Opacity should default to 255 I.e. Fully visible but loading a save that didn't originally have this option defaults it to 0 meaning the name is invisible.

Reinstalling - To reinitialize/ reinstall the mod you will need to:

  • uninstall the mod.
  • open the save you originally had it working on and and re-save it without the mod installed.
  • reinstall this mod.
  • Load the save you just created. 

If you have changed your mods I.e. Got rid of required mods then that will be an obvious reason.

7. Credit

Thanks to Imp of The Perverse whose mod Hud Counter Template used a very helpful .xml file providing much-needed guidance.


  • MCM support
  • Option to constantly show weapon name
  • Text size customisation
  • Display Weapon Mods
  • Hud background
  • Potentially support mods that add prefixes (e.g "[wpn] 9mm Pistol") .
  • Open to more suggestions