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Adds a scratch made Glock 17 Gen 4 to the game with a semi and auto version, custom sounds, 3 different modifications and 2 special variations that you'll need to do a fun and epic quest for! It also features new armour!

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From the Twisted Mind of GaigeStorm and JohnnySpring


This mod adds the Glock 17 Gen 4 to the world of fallout NV with custom modifications, 2 special variants (see screenshot) custom sounds, and some new armour! (vanilla resourced). The weapon has been added to vendor levelists (not NPC's) and will spawn in shops around level 15. If you can't wait for it then there is a stash in the gun runner's HQ you'll have to find.
This mod also adds an all new quest of which you'll need to complete in order to get the special weapons in this mod. You get a message of some A-hole that rips people off. It's a simple seek and kill mission until things take a terrifying turn. You will have to defeat "Hell". A gigantic deathclaw with huge horns, glowing red eyes, massive claws and spikes (custom mesh and textures) and reap the rewards! Just be careful of looting the area or else you might get haunted by the previous owner of that gear!


Please install through NMM or FOMM and save us a headache.



The real hero of this mod!
G17 model, and the whole idea of it.

GaigeStorm (me):

Making textures, mod models, geck work, nif work, scripting for quests, the quests themselves
and that tiny bit of madness i add to spice all my mods up, but in this case spicing JohnnySpring's


Once Again heroes of sound!


For continuous support and playing it!


Do not redistribute without explicit permission from me and JohnnySpring or you most definitely will gain a sudden homo love for Adam Lambert
and will be banned!