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Brings the Adrenaline mechanic from Fallout 4 Survival Mode into New Vegas.Adrenaline works exactly like it does in FO4, killing enemies gains ranks, sleeping and waiting cause them to disappear.

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This brings the Adrenaline mechanic from Fallout 4 Survival Mode into New Vegas, exactly as it is in that game.

For every 5 kills (configurable) by the player, they will receive 1 rank of the Adrenaline perk (up to a maximum of 10 ranks). Each rank gives a 5% damage bonus (configurable). The effect can be seen in the active effects on the pip-boy, as well as in the perk list in the pip-boy.

For every hour the player sleeps or waits, they will lose 2 ranks (configurable) of the Adrenaline perk, until they lose the perk entirely. Additionally, whenever the player sleeps or waits, their kill counter will be reset to the rank of the perk they currently have (i.e. 20 kills for rank 4, 30 kills for rank 6; with default settings).

There is a configuration file (Config\Adrenaline.ini) in which you can change the number of kills required per rank, the damage bonus gained every rank, and the amount of Adrenaline lost while sleeping. Default settings are identical to Fallout 4.

There are optional files to change the damage multipliers on Very Hard difficulty to either Player 1.5x, Enemy 2.0x (the multipliers of FO4 Survival Mode), or Player 0.75x, Enemy 4.0x (the final damages of FO4 Survival Mode).


  • Implemented exactly like Fallout 4
  • Totally scripted new feature
  • Full compatibility with everything. No vanilla records are edited
  • Settings can be configured through a Config file

Requirements & Compatibility

  • NVSE is required
  • JIP LN NVSE is required
  • Old World Blues is required (if you want the perk icon to appear. Otherwise, not mandatory)

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