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Adds three convoys with an animated NCR truck.

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In the base game, the NCR always talks about how they have a mechanized Division of units, one Division of course being the Army trucks you see in Camp McCarran.  I found it very bland and not very immersive that they were always in one place, just sitting there.  This mod adds three NCR Convoys: One that goes from McCarran through the farms, and to the Gun Runner. One that starts at 188, and goes all the way to the Crimson Caravan, and one that goes from Novac to Helios One.  I was planning on making one that goes from the Mojave Outpost to Primm, but unfortunately the trucks do not behave the greatest on hills and around obstructions.  The truck itself along with sounds and animations is made by uhmattbravo, he made this from a request I had on the forums for my large project I'm working on, but I thought the trucks would really suit this purpose as well.

UPDATE: Now semi fixed the horizontal issues where the truck would look strange going up and down hills.

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-Three Patrols to make the Mechanized Division more realistic
-Upon activating the trucks, you can barter or repair your items
-An animated vehicle added to the game

uhmattbravo- Truck Model Modifications and Animations

Under no circumstance can you use the truck in your own mod without contacting Joe Hurst.