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Bringing the firepower of the Commonwealth to the Mojave!

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Fallout 4 Style Gatling Laser

This mod adds a new, yet familiar, weapon to he world of New Vegas. I was a bit disappointed the first time I saved enough caps to by a Laser Minigun from the Van Graffs, no rotating barrels? Tiny little pinprick lasers? Annoying firing sound? No thank you. Then along came Fallout 4, with it's big, sexy, Fuck-Off-Lasers, this was the Photon based heavy ordinance I had been expecting! If, like me, you felt there was something lacking in the New Vegas Gatling Lasers and preferred the newest iterations, then give this mod a go and see how it does! There are a maximum of two Gatling Lasers in this mod, depending on what DLC you own. If you have Gun Runners Arsenal, both the Gatling Laser and Sprtel Wood 9000 have been remodeled. There are both replacer and standalone versions of the mod, depending on whether or not you want the weapon to take the place of the old Gatling Laser or if you just want it for yourself and your companions.
The weapons feature custom meshes, textures and firing sounds. The textures consist of custom edited versions of both vanilla textures and textures from EVE. I am not claiming that these models are 1:1 copies of the Fallout 4 Gatling laser, only that they were inspired by and based on it. I tried to mix the weapon style of New Vegas with the way the one in 4 works as best as I could, I hope you guys enjoy it!


Here are some videos from AlChestBreach, Ollyoxen and Dongobot who featured this mod in their mod series', check 'em out!

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Spear Launcher & Fallout 4-style Gatling Laser! | Fallout New Vegas Mods, by Dongobot:


The weapons in both the standalone and replacer versions of this mod are modifiable in game with the vanilla Gatling Laser mods, for simplicity's sake. Those mods being the CF Frame and the Focus Optics for weight reduction and damage increase respectively.

Replacer/Standalone & Locations

The replacer version simply replaces the model of the Gatling Laser and Sprtel Wood, meaning you will find them wherever they are in the vanilla game. The standalone version of the mod places them both in separate crates in one of the BoS Bunkers in Hidden Valley, a screenshot of the bunker is included in the Images tab. You will need a lockipick skill of 50 for the 4xAER9 Gatling laser and a lockpick skill of 100 for the unique variant, the 4xAER14 Gatling Laser. ('AER9 & 14' are the lasers that make up the barrel, '4x' means there's 4 of them, simples!)


The replacer versions of the weapons do the exact same damage as their vanilla counterparts, unfortunately, due to me lowering the animation speed of the firing animation, the game messes up the calculation for the DPS, which will look a lot lower than normal in your Pipboy. Worry not! I have not changed the Lasers' rate of fire or damage per shot, it is just the calculation going funky, they will still perform as well as the vanilla lasers. The standalone 4xAER9 and 14 do slightly more damage per shot but have a lower fire rate and ammo capacity than their vanilla counterparts. They also suffer from the dodgy DPS calculation, however, so it may not appear that way in your Pipboy. Regardless, the 4xAER9 and 14 have a slightly higher total DPS than their vanilla counterparts. 


The standalone mod should not have any problems with any other mods, other than ones that replace textures, in which case there is a small chance one or two textures used by this mod could be overwritten. The chances are very low however, because these weapons use custom textures for the most part. 
The replacer version may have trouble if you are using another mod that replaces the Gatling Laser and Sprtel Wood but as long as you load this mod after them there should be no issues, I have EVE and WMX installed and as long as this mod was below them in my load order it worked perfectly fine

Bits and Bobs

The more eagle eyed of you may have noticed that the laser barrels from the Sprtel Wood 9700 are from the AER14, the unique laser rifle from the vanilla game. I used that rifle for the barrel as in the vanilla game both the Sprtel Wood 9700 and the AER14 fire green lasers, so it's consistant with the lore as long as you allow for extra versions of the AER14 being produced. Please report any bugs or glitches you find to me, either via message or on the mod page, thanks! And thanks for checking out my mod!! Don't forget to endorse if you like this or any other mod, it might only take a few seconds of your time but it means a lot to the mod authors on this site!

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08/01/2017: V1.1:
Puts the firing sound file in the right file location. 

16/01/2017: V1.2 (Standalone Versions only): 
Fixed an error where the 4xAER14 was in both crates in the GRA standalone version and nothing was in the crates in the No DLC standalone version.