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Come on down to Camp Forlorn Hope for some QuestSide!

Okay so Questside my Original mod, Went pretty well, and added a little bit too much to the wacky side... So this time We're trying to be as serious as a pie staring contest (yes I said Pie). I'm adding a moderate amount of quests to Camp Forlorn Hope . In this mod you will be treated like you're in the NCR by some characters(duh..) and will be given quests. As always I hope you get the references, but It's just as good if you don't. I know that Forlorn Hope already has an alright amount of content... but I just love the location, and the atmosphere and felt I could add to it.
Note: The Quest counter down below increases as I come up with ideas for quests (# done/# Thought up)
At this moment in time there are 6 quests, 3 events, and 3 "Hidden"/Bonus quests (The latter are really small and without much reward as they are meant for people who go the extra mile)

Here's an Alchestbreach Review of the mod

Quest Counter


I'm currently thinking of my next mod... but if you have any quest suggestions for this one let me know and it might happen.

Voice Acting
As per usual I have ensured that every line was recorded.
This mod is finished but if you have a decent mic and want to be a part of my next project feel free to PM me, I will respond if/When I need you. QuestSide Cove needs some voices, for both people that give quests or are just part of them.
me and you... and you and me( so happy together :P )
[Cpl.Clegg, Sgt.Alan, Lt.Cooper, NCR rep, K.A.O.S., Deliveries manager, Grave, Norman, and Bill] - AnotherGuy
[Puella Cullus, and Jeremy Smith] - Justin S.
[Mrs.Clegg, and Mary Cooper] - Dana (my sister)

What's Next?

 If you liked this mod and are wondering what's next? well I'll tell ya, I've started work on QuestSide Cove. It will be set in Cottonwood Cove, and be in a similar style as my previous work. I will add around the same amount of quests as usual, and fill it full of references that I and very few will understand.

What I'm up to? Currently I'm finished Quest 4 of QuestSide Cove, and I'm back to the drawing board for Quest 5.