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The QuestSide saga continues with a series of quests in the Legion camp cottonwood cove.
Weird, Wacky, or even normal here or there.. I also reference things, probably more than I should.
adds 6 new quests and 3 events

Permissions and credits
Come on down to Cottonwood Cove for some QuestSide!
I've added a pack of quests. Each relatively small, but add character to the area. I've Completed 6 quests, and 3 events. I uploaded the mod after a long hiatus due to PC issues, but I hope to continue the QuestSide mods until I get bored of modding... and just go back to reading books and playing other people's mods.

LOST? Read the readme...

This mod aims to Fill Cottonwood Cove with stuff to do... and possibly to get a laugh.
If you don't like it don't play it. Nothing forces you to do it again after you do it once.

Currently there are six finished quests and three events
So far all lines are voiced (Unless I missed one, in which case please add a bug report)
There are references to things... you may or may not understand them, that's okay... but if you do, know I'm proud.
Quest Counter And News
All Quests are done as are events, Future updates will only be Bugfixes if needed.

AlChestBreach's playthrough part 1

- Incompatible with NVinteriors... well kinda, you can still get into the building but it's a little hard
(you can still activate the door because the handle shows through but NVinteriors adds a door in the same spot)

AnotherGuy - All dialogue, Scripts, and Textures
AnotherGuy - Voice of Legion Slave
Billtcm - inspiration and motivation

Whats Next?
QuestSide: Stories... 2 quest have been written