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Implements the Bighorner resources by CIB, so that there's now a visual difference between Bighorners, their calfs and their bulls. I'm surprised this wasn't done before, or maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

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Bighorner Model Variants

Some simple GECK work to muscle in a little of the resources put together by C.I.B. in his Creature and Weapon Modders Resources. Specifically, I've implemented the new Bighorner models.
You may have wondered how is it possible that even bighorner calves have fully developed horns... radiation, FEV? Nah, just lack of polish meaning Obsidian probably didn't have the time to make different models for animal age variants, so the younglings are just like every other adult but with their scale stat turned down. Can't really blame them since every modder kinda does the same :D
However, when looking for info about this fact, you also may have come across a certain wiki, and perhaps their image section called your attention. You can clearly see a bighorner model with stubby horns there! It is exactly the same image in CIB's mod page. Turns out that's what lead me to discover CIB's resource packages, so for once I gotta thank a wiki's lack of rigor.

I've put together two versions for you to choose:
  • Standard package (CIB Bighorners.esp) only changes bighorner calves and bulls, and only gives them model variants that use the standard bighorner texture. Works with any bighorner texture replacer. Calves will have stubby horns, bulls will have even bigger and more curved horns than usual. I recommend using this version, since adding the extra variants means more chance for load order conflicts, and those textures are just recolors. Just get this Ultra High Resolution retexture instead, seriously, I can't believe it's not FO4! (talk about a low threshold...)
  • Variants package (CIB Bighorners Var.esp) changes all bighorners, so that they may use the standard texture or one of the three new textures offered by CIB at random (25% chance). Goodsprings and Jacobstown bighorners may have full or stubby horns (50% chance). Note that retextures of the standard bighorner do NOT translate into these, since they are new textures altogether. I only offer it for the novelty value, but again, I recommend you use the option above instead.

I've done some compromise of CIB's original work, though:
  • For the variants package, all models were edited to use the standard bighorner eye texture. The retextures just apply a darkening to everything including the eye, I preferred to leave the eyes as vanilla, and I suppose I would have done the same to the horns if their texture could be defined separately.
  • I have not implemented any of the new skeletons, which change the head's proportion to the body. I love the Ragdolls mod, and the new skeletons would need to be converted to it, which I have no idea how to do nor do I care too much.
  • However, thanks to that mod's author KiCHo666, bighorner calves have a custom skeleton with no big horn hit box. Bulls and calves also had their models corrected by him so that they display decals correctly. But plz don't shoot them, you evil you...
  • I ran the retextures through Optimizer Textures. Quite a bit of compression to do there!

Installation is pretty standard, changes are implemented by the CIB Bighorners.esp or CIB Bighorners Var.esp files through edits to bighorner creature entries. Other mods that add new bighorners will also inherit these changes if they use vanilla or HH bighorners as model templates. Fixes from YUP are included. I should know, for I fixed bighorners' inventories myself.

Credit goes to C.I.B. for his resources, and KiCHo666 for graciously making and fixing bighorner assets to go with these. Go check them out and endorse them!