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Boulder City is being harassed by a Deathclaw, and it's up to you to stop it.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds in a small 10 - 40 minute quest that involves dealing with a Deathclaw that has started harassing Boulder City.

  • Starting the Quest

The quest can be started in the Big Horn Saloon in Boulder City after you have cleared out Quarry Junction. There you will find a worker named Tolva who will start the quest. After agreeing to deal with the Deathclaw, he will mark the location of its cave on your map. Depending on how you deal with the beast you may even gain it as a companion.

The companion behaves like any standard companion, complete with a companion wheel and even a small additional quest.


None known at the moment.


Solid Project causes Draco to momentarily disappear if you try to initiate conversation with him while he is your companion, this is likely due to something I put into the mod that makes Draco momentarily disable himself so that he doesn't interfere with scripted sequences whenever the player's movement controls are locked.

Anything that modifies the Big Horn Saloon or the surrounding areas of Boulder may conflict.


In a shocking turn of events I made a mod that doesn't require NVSE! However there are some optional things that can occur if you have the following plugins installed.


Falloutlsd - For providing voice acting, assisting with ideas, and initial testing.
GundyCat - For providing a texture, and initial testing.
Ross Cuthill - For providing voice acting for Tolva.
Draloa - For allowing me to distribute edited versions of his Deathclaw Retextures.
Id2301 - For allowing people to distribute textures from his Creatures Tweaked Textures mod.
Jops444 - For allowing me to distribute edited versions of his Classy Deathclaw textures.
Dragbody - For fixing some bone weighting issues, providing a few textures, alongside early testing and feedback.
Hemingway308 - For the FnGetExternalForm script.
Weijiesen - For providing some textures/effects, alongside early testing and feedback.