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You ever though Fallout 3 lacked diversity ? You wished there were more unique models and textures to the supposedly unique items in the game ? Do you want to make the Easter Eggs and pop culture references even more blatant ? 



With the brand-new, polished, bug-free, Tale Of Two Wasteland-based Fallout 3 Uniqueness overhaul, every single ( or at least 90% ) of Fallout 3 and its DLCs' Unique weapons and armors are 100% unique !

Still not convinced ? Want more details ?
Here you go :

VANILLA changes are listed WHITE
THE PITT changes are listed YELLOW
MOTHERSHIP ZETA changes are listed BLUE
POINT LOOKOUT changes are listed GREEN
BROKEN STEEL changes are listed BROWN
OPERATION ANCHORAGE changes are listed RED


- The Boogeyman Hood is now a Michael Myers mask from Halloween 
- Explorer's gear is now worn by Argyle and Sydney and is a replica of Indiana Jones' ( for males ) and Lara Croft's ( for females ) Outfit !
- Handyman Jumpsuit is now a long-sleeved blue mechanic jumpsuit 
- The Pitt's Leather Rebel is now a Punk Leather jacket with a Judas Priest Logo in the back 
- Ledoux's mask is now a replica of Jason Voorhees' infamous hockey mask 
- Lesko's Lab Coat is now full of Ant blood stains and has a pre-war casual wear along with a bow tie under it ( He also wears it now )
- The Surgeon's Lab Coat is full of blood 
- Wanderer 's Leather Armor now resembles Mad Max's armor from The Road Warrior
- The Modified Utility jumpsuit is now a vault 101 utility Jumpsuit, with wraps around one arm, new brown combat boots and the reinforced armor pieces. It resembles the famous image of the Vault 13's Fallout hero.
- The Bounty Hunter duster is now a brown duster with a brown and tan cowboy outfit under it ( best worn with the sheriff hat ! )
- The Commando armor is now a sleeved combat armor with a woodland camo
- The Regulator's outfit is a brown duster with a sheriff star on it, with a flannel shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots ( with spurs ! ) worn under it
- Three Dog's headwrap has a custom print now
- Lucky Shades are now similar to aviator's sunglasses
- Point Lookout's " spy glasses " uses round sunglasses model, with gold and red textures


- ( Almost every unique weapon gets a new icon )   

- A321 Plasma Rifle uses the Miltiplas rifle model with a custom texture
- Ant Sting is a rusty-looking knife that vaguely ressemble a sting
- Atomic Pulverizer has now a orange glow and longer canons
- Autumn's 10mm Pistol now resembles the original Fallout 10mm pistol
- Autumn's Laser Pistol is now a brand new gun
- Backwater rifle has now red furniture and 3 golden stars painted on the gun's body
- Black Bart's Bane is brand-new looking
- Blackhawk is now a replica of the real-life Ruger... Blackhawk
- Board Of Education is now bigger than other nailed boards, doesn't even have any nails in it and have a clean texture
- The Breaker is dirtier looking than most other nailed boards and has " SMASH " carved into it
- Burnmaster is now a completely original design by me, inspired by WWII-era aircrafts and flame-throwers
- Butch's toothpick is now brand-new
- Callahan's magnum is now an almost exact replica of the real life Smith & Wesson Model 29 ( just like in Dirty Harry ! )
- Captain's Sidearm now lacks the big... thing on top of the other Alien Basters. It also more thingy at the end of the canon
- Clover's Cleaver is now a katana with a yellow grip
- Curse Breaker is now shinny and new, with its named engraved on the bat
- Destabilizer has a shorter canon, another targeting piece and a green glow
- Discharged hammer has a brand new shinny mesh
- Drone Canon Ex-B has blue textures
- Eugene is now a replica of Aliens' Smart Gun
- Excalibat has a black and white paint job, and has nails in it
- Fawkes' super sledge has dents and has a rusty appearance
- Fertilizer shovel has dirt all over it
- Firelance has burn marks from the crash
- Fist-O has spikes
- Jack is longer than other rippers and has a unique texture
- Law Dog ha a clean " police special " texture
- Man Opener is now a unique chainsaw
- Metal Blaster uses a brand new model, meshed up from a Lever Action Rifle and a Multi-beam Laser Rifle

- M.I.R.V. has a custom paintjob
- Miss Launcher is less bulky than other Rocket lanchers
- MPLX Novasurge is bulkier looking, has parts of the Plasma Caster at the end of it
- Occam's razor has a unique model
- O Graddy's peacemaker has unique textures
- Ol' Painless has custom textures and a bandana on it. The fourniture is also fixed, as opposed to other Hunting Rifles
- Pas' fishing aid has its' stock and barrels sawn off, the wooden part at the front of it is now made of a cut off Fishing Pole
- Paulson's revolver is a Colt SAA with a swinging cylinder
- Perforator is a pimped out custom H&K G3
- Precision Gatling Laser has custom barrels
- Protectron gaze has a new unique design by me, making it resemble a miniature tri-beam laser rifle
- Rapid-torch flamer has custom textures and lacks the backpack
- Reservist Rifle is now a H&k PSG-1
- Ritual Knife now closely ressembles the Kandarian Dagger from the Evil Dead franchise. Groovy !
- Shocker has a yellow paintjob and has electric stuff attached all over it
- Slo-Burn Flamer has an enclave paintjob
- Smuggler's end is now the famous DL-44 from Star Wars ( with custom sound effects !! )
- Stabhappy has a unique model
- Sydney Ultra 10mm SMG is now a real-life MP5K
- The Break has a custom texture and has a lot of nails on it
- The Dismemberer is now covered in blood and has a way bigger head
- The Highwayman's friend is a monkey wrench
- The Kneecapper is now the infamous Hydra from Resident Evil 5 and 6
- The Tenderizer has a spike attachement on the end of the hammer
- The Terrible shotgun is a real-life AA-12 with a raiderish paintjob
- Toy knife has a shiny, plasticish texture
- Vampire's Edge truly is a vampire sword
- Vengeance has its name written in blood on the backpack, and the weapon itself is covered in blood
- Victory rifle has a brand new design by me, it looks like a shrunken-down version of the sniper rifle with parts of a marksman rifle, with a star striped bandana on the stock
- Wanda now resembles a real life STG-44
- Wazer Wifle has wustom kids drawings on the weapon's wody
- Wild Bill sidearm is entirely made out of steel
- Xuanlong assault rifle now ressemble a Light Machine Gun. Unique model and textures by me.
- Zhu-Rong pistol has a custom paintjob and has a custom fire-making attachement at the end of the barrel
- Trench knife now looks like an actual 1918 Trench Knife
But that's not all ! Some characters have received unique outfits and some, even weapons ! : 

Bonus :

- The entire Family have gothic / punk outfits
- The Priest in Rivet City and " The Preacher " has a Father Outfit 
- Harkness wears Deckart's coat from Blade Runner 
- Sierra Petrovitta is wearing a Nuka Cola tank-top 
- Bethesda Ruins has a Bethesda Game Studio T-Shirt inside
- Some comicbook outfits has been added to Hubris Comics HQ
- Zimmer and Armitage now wears Institute outfits, inspired by Fallout 4's designs
- Mad Johnny Wes wears a very recognizable outfit from a certain mad NPC from a certain series of game also made by a certain studio named after a certain city
- A replica of one of Dirty Harry's suit is find alongside his revolver
- The outfit of a certain horror movie gardener and his trademark bladed glove can now be found in a motel in point Lookout. 
- The outfit and iconic sawn-off boomstick of everyone's favorite groovy badass can be found next to the Necrono... I mean, Krivbeknih's altar.
- Anchorage Simulation Chinese Soldiers can now wear different uniforms and helmets when they spawn
-A smuggler outfit is found alongside Smuggler's End
-A unique Double Barrel Shotgun, the Farmer's Daughter can be found next to Brian Mills' father
-A laser-sighted, high caliber .45 pistol named the Killer 7 ( with a set of custom sound effects ) can be found in Germantown Police Station 
-A weapon based on the french ( cocorico ) MAT-49 named Le Commissaire can also be found in Germantown Police Station
-A custom nickle plated .45 pistol chambered in 9mm apply named Mister 9mm can be found in the weapon store of Paradise Falls
-A lightweight "M1" .45 SMG named The Pathfinder can be found in Weathon's Armory
-A very powerful and laser-sighted Chinese Pistol ( with custom sound effet ) named the Red 9 can be found in the LOD Enterprise Offices 

So here it is guys !
Some of you must remember when I first released this as a standard Fallout 3. It was buggy as hell so I've rebuild the plugin from scratch, so there shouldn't be any "mod converted from Fallout 3"-like issues like ammo or item placements... I also MANUALLY added to EVERY SINGLE WEAPON working Iron Sights. You're welcome XD !

With the release of TTW V3.2, I rebuilt the ESP from scratch... Again. 

Requirements :

- Tales Of Two Wastelands ( duh ! ) 

- Breeze Male bodies (Yeah, I know... but If you don't want to use the Wanderer's Leather Armor or The Handyman Jumpsuit, you can keep whatever body texture you are using ).

Recommended Mods :

https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68049 B42 Descriptions aka Pip-Info. Integrated support ! Some descriptions are changed and most of the new playable items have a description.
https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70473 PerkPackPlus. Patched support in the optional files. Weapons and armors from TTW and my mods will be affected by the new perks.

So, here it is guys ^^ ! I hope you'll like my little gift to this community and to this AWESOME mod that is Tale Of Two Wastelands !!   See you soon here and have fun !

Remember to report any bug, if any... And feel free to request / suggest things to yours truly ! Updates will come, and I will work accordingly to your suggestions and requests ! Also, be sure to check the comments sections and the changelog where I usually talk about what needs to be done / What I've done before updating.

Thanks to :
The Team behind TTW. I owe you a cold one, you guys.
Every mod author who anonymously lend their assets to contribute to this project XD ! I am SOOO sorry guys XD ! I owe you one !
The Elders of the Brotherhood of Steel. Ad Victoriam !
Todd Howard, for making this game that just works.
My best friend, for being a manipulative bastard who will NOT let me work on this in peace. > Lol. This guy was a narcisist. Glad I got rid of him.
Three Dog, for being such a wonderful D.J.
My cat, for being the only good person in my life. UPDATE : as of the 23/O2/2015, my beloved pet is dead... R.I.P.
MrMattyPlays, for being the voice of the Bethesda Games Community
LoneVaultWanderer who's accent is an inspiration for me.
Shoddycast, for being almighty awesome.
The Nexus Staff, also for being awesome.
YOU, for reading my bullshit.
My girlfriend. Cliché, yeah, but I love her with all my heart.