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A lightweight mod that automatically creates saves every 5 minutes (by default) and when you level up. One running script - no possible performance impact.

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Simple Saves
New Vegas Script Extender

Simple Saves is also available for Fallout 3 and Oblivion


This mod automatically saves your game every 5 minutes (by default). The saves are 'full' saves as opposed to auto-saves or quick-saves which means there will be no problems due to save corruption caused by the latter two. I recommend you disable auto-saves in the game options for this reason. The aim of this mod is to be as lightweight as possible; it utilises only a single running script - a short one at that.

This mod's saves are meant to be temporary, e.g. as a fall-back in case of dying or a crash. A maximum of 5 (by default) are created per character, after which the original is overridden and the loop starts again. An additional permanent save is created every-time you increase in level.

If you are in combat or a cut-scene when the 5 minute timer elapses, the save will be delayed until it is over.

The temporary save interval and the maximum number of saves can be configured using the console. Simply set the global variables 'SaveInterval' and 'SaveCount' to the values you want (examples below).

set SaveInterval to 5
set SaveCount to 5

And you can also get the values if you've forgotten:

GetGlobalValue SaveInterval
GetGlobalValue SaveCount


show SaveInterval
show SaveCount

The value of SaveInterval is the time between each save in minutes and can be a non-integer value, 2.5 minutes for example. SaveCount is the maximum number of temporary saves before the first is overridden. Setting SaveInterval to a really low value, or SaveCount to a high value is not recommended. Keep New Vegas' save limit of 1000 in mind too.

I know CASM exists, however it was becoming increasingly bloated in my opinion. Simple Saves utilises one lightweight script - it has no impact on performance and is compatible with everything. I recommend you use CASM if you want the extra features.


This mod requires New Vegas Script Extender. Please ensure you have an up-to-date version.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.

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