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SUPERHOT is the mod for Fallout New Vegas where time moves only when you move.
Dodge bullets. Take out your enemies. One step at a time. ©

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If you have never played SUPERHOT game, what are you waiting for? Forget about the mod, go get the game! It's amazing!

This mod adds SUPERHOT game mechanics, where time moves only when you move.
Plan your movements, dodge bullets, slash them with your sword or deflect them like a true Jedi Knight. Hit hard and watch your enemies disintegrate. Switch places with your enemies to see them suffer from their own bullets or the bullets of their friends. Set-up your enemies to break lines of fire so that you don't even need to shoot. Pick-up dropped weapons on the fly. Jump over the bullets in slow-motion, or use Superfocus to unleash firepower while your enemies are still frozen.
Dodge bullets. Take out your enemies. One step at a time. ©

To start, you need to get the "SUPERHOT" perk, available at level 3.

To activate\deactivate SUPERHOT mode – press the Q key (MCM configurable).

Perks breakdown:


  • At the first rank of this perk, you can slash incoming bullets with your melee weapon. Yes, just hit the bullets, simple as that. No need to be precise, though, at the second rank of the perk you can deflect bullets by pressing, or holding, your default block key (LMB). Watch out for collateral damage though, bullets will fly around like crazy when doing this. And at the third rank, you can deflect bullets in the direction you're aiming. Yes, kill your foes with their own bullets. Great for melee-only players. However, this ability does drain AP so timing is everything. If you keep slashing, deflecting or spamming keys, time will go faster, bullets will fly faster and eventually they'll get you.


  • With this perk, you'll be able to go into SUPERFOCUS mode by holding SUPERFOCUS key (Left Shift, you can change it in MCM). Time will stop completely and your attack speed will be massively increased, however this ability also drains AP. You can equip hotkeyed weapons in SUPERFOCUS mode very quickly and you can use SUPERFOCUS to reload your gun while time is still frozen. Useful indeed. Also, get a Minigun, hold the trigger and enjoy the devastation, it's like a firework, but better… and deadlier. You can also use SUPERFOCUS to slash or deflect incoming bullets, if you're in a situation where the regular slashes and deflections just won't help.


  • With this perk, you'll be able to pick-up and equip the weapon you are looking at. Immediately. To HOTEQUIP the weapon - press your default activate key, however this drains half of your AP. In the MCM you can choose an option to get 5 free ammo rounds, if you have less than 5 rounds for the weapon you just picked up. Works only in SUPERHOT mode.


  •  With this perk, you'll be able to switch places with the enemy. To HOTSWITCH - press your default activate key. Or just follow onscreen instructions. Drains ALL your AP. Use? Place a mine, HOTSWITCH, watch the explosion. Or jump from a cliff, HOTSWITCH, watch the enemy falling to his death. Experiment. Have fun.

MCM menu breakdown:

  • Activation key: key to activate and deactivate SUPERHOT mode
  • SUPERFOCUS key: key to activate SUPERFOCUS mode.
  • One shot - one kill: when enabled, it takes only one hit to kill the enemy. Or you. True to original game.
  • Free Ammo: when enabled, you will get 5 free rounds for the HOTEQUIP weapon, if you have less than 5 rounds for that particular weapon.
  • Faster projectiles: Makes all projectiles faster, so you have less time to react and dodge. Feeling OP? Turn this on. Together with "One shot - one kill", it will make your life so difficult you won't feel OP anymore.
  • NPC Friendly Fire: when enabled - enemy's bullets will cause damage to friends, allies and members of enemy's faction. True to original game, not true to vanilla Fallout.


  • The more you move - the faster time will go and bullets will increase in speed as well. Go slowly, plan your moves, think before you act.
  • If you look around (move your mouse rapidly) – time will speed up slightly. But enough to kill you if you don’t pay attention!
  • You can HOTSWITCH only with hostile NPCs.
  • If you jump and hold your jump key - time will go faster, but it will still be slow enough for you to dodge bullets. So you can crush your enemies mid-air in glorious slow-motion. True to original game.
  • On your death - SUPERHOT will be deactivated.
  • If you just killed everybody around (ie you won) with SUPERHOT active and you are not in combat - famous "SUPER HOT" announcer will kick in (re-recorded) and SUPERHOT mode will be deactivated. You won't be able to activate it while announcer is active.
  • While you're in SUPERHOT mode - you won't get level-up menu pop-up, so nothing distracts you from gameplay. Level-up menu pop-up is re-enabled once you're out of SUPERHOT mode. Doesn't effect XP gain in any way.
  • SUPERFOCUS, bullet slashing and deflection works only if you have Action Points. HOTSWITCH is available only if your AP bar is at least 95% full. HOTEQUIP will work only if your AP bar is at least 50% full.
  • Saving and\or loading the game during SUPERHOT mode is active - NOT RECOMMENDED.I mean it. If you do - don't report any bugs about it, I won't respond, in fact, I will delete any such reports immediately. You have been warned. If you want to save the game, or load (except after death) - turn off SUPERHOT first. And only then save\load.I made some precautions for quicksave and quickload. If you quicksave (pressing F5) during SUPERHOT, mod will be deactivated, and only then - game will save. If you quickload (pressing F9), SUPERHOT will be deactivated first, and only then game will load. If you save or load the game via menu\console\CASM during SUPERHOT mode - there will be consequences like all bullets still having red tracers. Maybe more side effects.
  • The word “SUPERHOT” was used 23 times in this description. Yikes!
  • If this mod doesn't work for you, or you're having compatibility\performance\any other issues, please go and try out SuperHot (Redone) mod by TommInfinite, it might be a lot more stable than this one.

Latest NVSE (beta version 5.0b3)
Most functions, from simple ammo check to arrays
JIP NVSE Plugin version 27 or higher
Complex projectiles control
User Interface Organizer
User friendly "install and forget" way to get custom UI elements to work
The Mod Configuration Menu
MCM, "One mod to rule configure them all"

Install required mods first. They are essential and without them – this mod will not work.
SUPERHOT Installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager
I recommend the latter for easy uninstallation.

Uninstallation is the same as installation in reverse.

Bethesda for making new Fallout games
Obsidian for amazing Fallout New Vegas
SUPERHOT Team for SUPERHOT game. It is the most innovative shooter I've played in years!
NVSE team, JazzIsParis and Luthienanarion for making this mod possible
TGSpy for being massive pain in the ass, forcing me to make this mod. I hate you ;D