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 Quick note, there is an account on the nexus called "BananakillerBRO2". I would like to confirm this IS INDEED me. I've forgotton my password for BananakillerBRO so I reset it, so I went to Hotmail to get my new password, forgot my Hotmail password, so I reset that and that sent my to my Microsoft account and...I didn't even know I had a Microsoft Account, so the BananakillerBRO2 account is there when this account auto signs out when Windows forces an update later in the future.  I have put this at the top to make it easier to see.

So, you thought you had escaped me? Thought I had stopped making mods?


Welcome back to my side of The Nexus, which is hell incarnate! I have a new goodie for you, a mod that has been in the working for (looks at watch) NINE MONTHS?! MY GOD I'VE LOST SO MUCH OF MY LIFE! OH DEAR GOD WHY?!

All jokes aside, it is true. This is a DLC sized quest mod that has taken nine entire months to complete. And now it is finally done just in time for Summer! Talk about a marketing coincidence. The mod includes a giant city the size of a micro DLC, many new interiors, many new bad guys to tear apart, two new towns, Puzzels, and a new survival feel. Now let's get to a more through and through description of the mod.

The mod takes place in a post nuclear bombing, meaning the bombs have just dropped not long ago. You must leave the safety of your motel room, to find a way out of the city, before it claims you as another victim. The city is covered in a strange gas, that has created these...things, that the locals call ghosts, they are odd creatures, only being killable by hacking off their limbs. But you will soon learn that there are bigger fish to fry you within the city, and trust me when I say they will FRY you with high tech weapons. 

You must find four parts taken from a metro train to repair it, and escape the city, where these parts are is anyone's guess. They have been stolen by four factions who are not just going to hand it over to you.Perhaps a brass storm will convince them? 

Weapons and ammo are scarcer than a virgin in New Vegas, so finding something to fight these factions may require you to get your hands dirty than a New Vegas Virgin...yes I know the two metaphors don't match BUT SHADUP! Find crap, sell said crap, buy better crap, use better crap to get even better crap, and become A GOD! How you get the crap is up to you, kill or scavenge, the choice is yours. 

Fight your way through Ghosts, Raiders, Feral Ghouls, Goons, The Enclave, and Pyscopaths as you search the city for parts to a broken train, and if you play on Hardcore mode scavenge for food, water and beds. 

To get to Badger City go to The 188 Trading Post and look for the hatch near the military truck. Leave all your equipment outside, this is a survival mod after all.

And that's a rudimentary description of the mod, but I like statistics so I'll make a list for you.

  • A DLC sized City to explore.
  • 5+ hours of gameplay.
  • Many interesting characters.
  • Two towns.
  • Lots of people to kill to death.
  • A casino heist.
  • Tons of new armors and weapons. 
  • Two new crafting items. 
  • A new race that is supposed to be the character you play as, Johan.

And that's it trimed down to a twig. And like said the mod will last more than 5 hours. 

  • However, there is one minor issue, the draw distance. I've fixed the draw distance as per instructions but since the world is flat you can indeed see past it, so the world does still generate in front of you, which is why I've added 4 versions on the mod, each of which has a different lighting for the city. 

Red Version, give Badger City a nice red feel, blocks some of the draw distance forming in front of you.
Green Version, Badger City is painted a nice post Nuclear Green. Can see the draw distance.
Bright Version- The kind used for some of the screenshots up above. Can see draw distance clear as day. 
Foggy Version- My personal favorite, complacently covers the draw distance. 

My recommendation is the foggy one, if you turn the brightness all the way up while in the city it gives the area a nice Silent Hill feel. 

Now I know what you're thinking. "Bannakiller you DOOF, fix the draw distance. Sorry to say it but what you see is as good as it can get, sorry mate. 

Now, on to the Q&A 


A- Then you must find better equipment, go after weaker bad guys, get their crap, sell it for better crap or go after other slightly stronger links with the weapons you got from the weaker link. 

Q- Is the city Navmeshed? 

A- Yep! 

Q- It takes to long to walk through the city! HELP! 

A- The sewer systems are a great way to travel around, but they are filled with ghosts so...take a gun in with you.

Q- How do I repair The Metro? 

A- Get all four metro parts and craft the metro repair kits, which acts as a key to the metro. 

And that wraps up the Q&A.

Remember, stealth is always an option. And with ghosts around it's a good option. 


ALL DLC, including GRA. 

Speedy Resources. http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39551/? 

CIB resources, Robots resource. http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39419/?

Warmachine resource- http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41117/?tab=2&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fnewvegas%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D41117&pUp=1

Thanks to
WastedTimeYT and maddmongo for teaching me how to navmesh and do draw distances. 

Alchestbreach for inspiring me to star modding in the first place. 

Obsidian for making New Vegas.

All the music that kept me company during mod making. PRAISE BILLY JOEL AND STARBOMB! 

Atom for creating radiation that has damaged my brain, which caused this mod to come to flirtation. 

Quick note, there is an account on the nexus called "BananakillerBRO2". I would like to confirm this IS INDEED me. I've forgotton my password for BananakillerBRO so I reset it, so I went to Hotmail to get my new password, forgot my Hotmail password, so I reset that and that sent my to my Microsoft account and...I didn't even know I had a Microsoft Account, so the BananakillerBRO2 account is there when this account auto signs out when Windows forces an update later in the future. 

So sorry I haven't responded to those 2 PMS in my inbox. Please send them to BananakillerBRO2 and I will answer them via mobile device. 

I would also like to apoligize if sometimes the stories in the mod make little sense. This mod was made when my writting skill was weaker than a Fallout 3 deathclaw. So some writing makes sense while others do not.

HINTS- The metro is located SouthWest of the hotel you exit and the town is towards the NorthWest. 

Disclaimer- The Fallout 3 Assault Rifle you see in the screenshots is not from this mod, it was from another mod that was in the super mutant leveled list, which I used for the mutants in this mod. My apologies to the creator of the support rifle.

Second Disclaimer- Some of the resource links got messed up, they have been promptly fixed and will lead to the right resource. My sincerest apologizes for the inconvenience. 

Known bugs so far. 

#1 After exiting the destroyed hospital the marker messes up and teleports you into the buildings above. 

Fix- I have moved the marker around and it seems it will always teleport the player into the buildings, to fix it you will have to no clip down, it's out of my hands, sorry. 

#2- Mr.Vex isn't in the casino vault. 

Fix- For some reason the navmesh in the casino messes up and Mr.Vex can teleport out of the casino if you leave it while he is still in there, or sometimes he stays in the vault, Fallout is weird....

#3- I found this weird ghost infested sewer but it's filled with fiends...what?

Fix- This is an error on my part, you see that sewer was a test cell I put in the mod to test a sewer as a transit system. I forgot it was there and left it there, this is a harmless bug but it's kinda confusing. Sorry I forgot to delete it, but hey, more stuff to shoot...I guess. The only area you can enter this test sewer is outside your hotel so it's not a constant problem. I apologize for my oversight. 


Fix- This is a bug I am  ashamed off. While playtesting I didn't see these doors that lead to nowhere or holes in walls, I closed as many as I could find but you may find 1 or 2, like in the Sandy Hotel you may find 2 doors that lead to nowhere, I am sorry I did not see these. So...they won't break the game but I find them EXTREMELY aggravating. 

#5- Doors don't work when I walk up to them! YOU DUMBBBY! 

Fix- This is more of a game issue but sometimes the collision mesh effs up and you need to find the right angle to open the door from, try stepping back or checking your local map.

#6- Why can I tell everyone they are ugly?!?!?!?!??!!??! IT"S MEAN!

Fix- I...don't know. When I playtested that line of dialog was only used one Rodny. I have no clue how it carried to others. Must be some mod....but hey, now you can tell Shane he is ugly.