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A new armor with several headgear options and a backpack.

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A new armor with several headgear options and a backpack.


Goggles on forehead
Baseball cap
Backwards baseball cap
Baseball cap with goggles on it
Backwards baseball cap with goggles on it
Pair of gloves

Almost everything is made out if in-game armor pieces, and has custom textures.

The armor is light, has 18 DT, and adds +5 to science and repair.
The backpack gives you +50 carry weight and +1 intelligence.
The goggles give you +1 perception and +10 crit. chance (and compatible with four eyes trait).
The headset gives you +5 to explosives.
The baseball caps give you +1 perception.
The gloves and forehead goggles are only decoration.
(I've tried to add the stats so they make at least a little sense)

If you use the Advanced Recon Thermal and Nightvison mod, and download the copmpatibility file,
the goggles will use it's thermal and nightvison feature.
(This mod doesn't use anything from it, just adds my goggles to the form list of compatible headgears) 

The armor can be repaired with leather armor, combat armor and some wasteland outfits, 
the caps and the headset can be repaired with several vanilla hats and helmets, 
the goggles can be repaired with vanilla eyewear,
the gloves can be repaired with head wraps and bandanas,
the backpack can be repaired with scrap electronics and scrap metal.


Just tha vanilla game. (Based on vanilla bodies but probably works with most body replacers)
For the nightvison option you need Advanced Recon (and NVSE) of course.


At Jean Sky Divng, on your right when you enter the shack, behind a generator thing, in a crate.
(see location in scrrenshots if unfamiliar)


Nothing special, with mod manager or manually by placing the contenst into your data folder and activating the esp.
For the Advanced Recon Tech compatibility download the optional file after you've downoalded the main mod,
then overwrite.

Possible issues:

Dismemberment is incorrect (it looks weird in vats and when you get torn to pieces).
Ground objects are boxes and pipboy icons are just texts.
Some headgear, especially the headset might be clippy with some hairstyles, nothing can be done about that.
The headgears are separate items so you can mix them, but the forehead goggles were either clippy with the head or the cap,
so i had to make a cap-with-goggles item to wear them together.
If you have any issues with the nightvision, the problem is probably not with this mod since it only makes the goggles use it,
doesn't contain anything from it.


Wasteland Clothing HD Retex (i used some textures from it)
Nifskope, Blender, Photoshop, Geck, FNVEdit, Conformulator
The idea for the looks of the backpack came from an unfinished backpack from MrRadioaktivs Weapon collection.
Various online free texture resources.
Advanced Recon Thermal and Nightvision
(I didn't use any assets from that mod, just made my goggles compatible with it, like a patch)


Weapons not included. They are from the Rhino Gauss Rifle mod and MrRadioaktivs Weapon Collection mod.
The female hairstyle is from Nouks and Apachiis Hairstyles mod.
Character races are not available for download (they are FCO models with custom textures).


I'll probalbly allow to use it in your mod, but please send me a message first, and give proper credits.
Please don't upload it anywhere else.

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