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A container loot menu inspired by Fallout 4, with a Fallout: New Vegas aesthetic. Loot in real-time! Supports keyboards and controllers!

Permissions and credits
This mod needs the most recent version of NVSE, JIP LN, and UIO

This mod now exists for Oblivion thanks to Ersh - Loot Menu


Fully dynamic and configurable:
  • Full word wrapping, never miss out on part of a name
  • Sorted, similar to Fallout 4
  • Controller support
  • Change the keys used (even with controller)
  • Put it where you want
  • Choose how many items show (from 1-8)
  • Change location with offsets
  • Change the width (this is useful if you use alternate fonts)
  • UI uses all game strings, no translation needed (MCM not included)


The loot menu works on all containers and creatures, mod added or otherwise. It's able to detect ash and goo piles correctly. It will NOT show up for any scripted containers, as scripted containers often have special controls on access (think Mojave Dropboxes). This can be overridden in the MCM.

By default if an item is weightless then all of the item will be taken, no matter how large the stack. This emulates vanilla behavior, and can be turned off. There is also a configuration option for how many items must be in a stack before take all will activate. By default this is 5, same as vanilla, though it can be set up to a reasonably large number. The larger the number the more items must be in the stack before Take All activates on that stack.

The sort order for items is:
Quest Items, Money, Lockpicks, Super Stimpaks, Stimpaks, Doctor Bags, RadAway, RadX, Keys, Notes, Books, Caravan Cards, Casino Chips, Ammo, Weapons, Weapon Mods, Armor, Food, and Miscellaneous


The vanilla container prompt will appear on all containers. Hiding it results in a number of issues that go beyond the scope of what I want to mess with.