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Multiplies the DT of all armors by value specified in MCM.

Adds DR to all armors based on percentage of DT specified in MCM.

Multiplies the weights of all armors by MCM set values.

All Classes of Armor and Power Armor have separate multipliers.

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Multiplies the Damage Threshold of every single piece of armor in the game by a specified value in the MCM. Can be set from 0 to 10.

Adds Damage Resistance to every single piece of armor in the game as a percentage, set in the MCM, of the Damage Threshold of the armor. Can be set from 0 to 1000 percent of DT.

Multiplies the Weight of every single piece of armor in the game by a specified value in the MCM. Can be set from 0 to 10.

Light, Medium, and Heavy all have separately configurable multipliers.

Power Armor applies it's own modifiers on top of the other tiers, allowing it to be superior to other armors, while also getting the benefits of its weight class.

Works at runtime with scripts. Compatible with everything. Does not edit a single value in the New Vegas ESM. Doesn't even require it actually.

Their will be a noticeable hitch when the script runs (about as noticeable as a quicksave), but it only runs once during the main menu, or when the MCM is updated, so it shouldn't be a problem.


  • Totally scripted. Does not alter any game data
  • Compatible with all mods
  • Control DT and DR from a single menu

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