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Patches and replacer plugins for a number of mods. Most will be patches that forward fixes from Yukichigai Unofficial Patch with popular mods.

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Mojave Patch Outpost


This page will include patches and replacer plugins for mods that need them. Most of the patches will patch popular mods with Yukichigai Unofficial Patch. The current YUP Patches have fallen out of date, so this page will address that problem. Other patches will be for mods where conflicts are found that need conflict resolution.

Each patch is made using the latest version of the mods and FNVEdit, Merge Plugins, or Mator Smash (not released yet, still in alpha). Also, each plugin that needs it comes with bash tags included for Wrye Flash NV users.


Need a patch for something? Ask me. 

Patches available:

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch (YUP) and Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX)
  • Combines YUP fixes for weapons that WMX adds mods for.

YUP and Project Nevada (PN)
  • PN food effects and YUP fixes combined
  • Minor Armor and Weapons fixes
  • Leveled Lists fixes
  • Actor Effects fixes for drinkable water
  • Project Nevada Med-X Fix is no longer needed

YUP, PN, and Project Nevada - Extra Options (PNEO)
  • All fixes listed for YUP and PN
  • Additional Armor fixes
  • OWB Perk fixes

  • All fixes listed for YUP, PN, and PNEO
  • All fixes listed for YUP and WMX

YUP and Faction Armor Usage Enhancement (FAUE)
  • Patches YUP object effects with FAUE scripts.

YUP and Powered Power Armor (PPA)
  • Fixes for Power Armor and NPCs.

YUP and Pickable Cave Fungus outside of Zion
  • Pickable Cave Fungus outside of Zion introduces the injestible cave fungus from Honest Hearts to other caves in FNV. YUP changes the positions of the fungi. The patch allows the pickable fungi to have the correct positions.
  • There are four version of the mod and a patch for each version.

YUP and Spice of Life
  • Adds the pick up and drop sounds for the head bands and corrects their names.
  • Combines the FormID Lists from YUP and Spice of Life in case any merged patch misses something.


It is assumed that you have Fallout New Vegas with ALL DLC. (Pre-order packs are optional)

Every patch is also created using a combination of the following versions of each mod:
  • YUP v10.8
  • WMX v1.1.4
  • WMX DLC v1.0.2
  • Project Neveda v2.5
  • Project Nevada Patches WMX v1.3 - From the PN Patches nexus page
  • Project Nevada Extra Options v1.3

YUP-WMX Patch requires:
  • YUP v10.8
  • WMX v1.1.4 main file
  • WMX DLC v1.0.2 optional file

YUP-PN Patch requires:
  • YUP v10.8
  • PN v2.5 with all modules installed except Cyberware. Cyberware can still be used, but there was nothing to fix, so it is optional.

YUP-WMX-PN- PNEO Patch requires:
  • YUP v10.8
  • WMX v1.1.4
  • WMX DLC v1.0.2
  • PN v2.5 with all modules installed
  • PNEO v1.3 with all modules installed (except Equipment)
  • PN-WMX Support v1.3 (from the PN Patches nexus page).

YUP-FAUE Patch requires:
  • FAUE v0.8b

YUP-PPA Patch requires:
  • PPA vbeta3A.

YUP-Pickable Cave Fungus Patch requires:
  • Pickable Cave Fungus v1. There are four version of this patch for each version of the original mod. Only use one.

YUP-Spice of Life Patch requires:
  • YUP v10.8
  • Spice of Life v1.2 - Will not conflict with the Project Nevada patch


Make sure required files are installed first. Install each plugin with your favorite mod manager. Replacer plugins should overwrite the original mod's plugin.

Manual install requires extracting each plugin into the data folder, overwrite if asked.


Uninstall with favorite mod manager.

Manual users will have to delete plugins from data folder.


EssArrBee - Patches
xEdit Team - All patches were made with FNVEdit, so thanks to them for that tool.
Mator - Merge Plugins and Mator Smash helped in the creation of these patches.
Mod Authors - Yukichigai, sandbox6, antistar, PN Team, Gribbleshnibit8, Roy Batty, Imp of the Perverse, Nivea, MoBurma for all their wonderful mods
Tannin - Mod Organizer really makes pumping out patches a breeze. 
STEP - All the people at STEP that make modding fun for me.


All these patches are made from either getting direct permission from the mod authors or from permission being stated on their mod pages. If you want to modify these patches it's best to ask the mod author's themselves. 

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