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Makes the top bunk on bunk beds accessible.

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Have you ever needed a place to rest for a minute while exploring the waste land, seen a rack of occupied bunk beds (Sloan *cough* *cough*) and thought; "no big deal, I'll just use the top bunk", only to be horribly teased and have to sleep outside in the dirt?... Well no more!

This simple (and probably insignificant) little mod FINALLY makes it possible for you and NPCs to use the top bunk on bunk beds.

It comes with an edited nif file that adds more activators and replaces the vanilla bunk bed nif file (duh), and it comes with an ESP that turns on the new activators so you can, you know, actually use the beds.

As far as incompatibilities go, the only one I know of is Animated Sleeping in that instead of seeing your character get up after a well deserved slumber you get a vanilla fade to black transition instead.

All credit for the meshes and what not goes to the makers of Fallout New Vegas.

If you wish to use my files in your own mod I only ask that you give some mention of where you got them from.