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A collection of new, low poly models to use during generating LOD.

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First of all: this is not standalone mod, you need FNVLODGen to make it usable.

FNVLODGen site is here -> http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58562

Second thing: if you think (after seeing the first point) that this is not for you, better think again.

LOD generating is very simple thing to do, so if you want your game to look as good as possible you better learn how this works ;)

What is this?

Basically this is a set of new models and textures, which after generating LOD add new elements to the game.

List of new elements:
  • billboards
  • tents
  • fences
  • sand bags
  • camper
  • poseidon gasstation sign
  • greenhouse
  • power stations
  • wood shacks
  • sattelite dishes
  • concrete dividers
  • ramshackle buscover
  • train station - added in 1.02
  • boxcars - added in 1.02
  • railway tracks - added in 1.02
  • big pipe - added in 1.03
  • utility poles (wooden) - added in 1.04
  • lanterns (probably not all of them) - added in 1.04
  • more lanterns, more utility poles (metal) - added in 1.05

list of improved elements:
  • mobile home (texture)
  • prospector saloon (texture)
  • helios solar tower (texture and mesh)
  • joshua tree (textures)
  • Nellis hangars - added in 1.01

How to use/install

Just unpack to you data folder, enable esp plugin and start generating LOD.

I strongly recommend mod organizer or any other mod manager.

Load order

one rule: lower - better. I have this file right after fnvlodgen.esp.


why would you wanna do that? ;)
just remove all files provided by this mod and rebuild lod