Fallout New Vegas
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fate6 SoujiMonaru

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Just a small file to fix issues with fate6's Omocha - The Alien Companion mod.

Permissions and credits
I tried fate6's Omocha - The Alien Companion mod and as stated on his page she has some issues.

So, I decided to eliminate them as a bug fix plugin for his mod.

What this mod does:

- She now shows all her dialogue, fixed by adding VoiceDoNotRecordF to her voice type.
- She uses a variety of weapons, thanks to adding a new Form List to her weapons slot. Abominations can't use certain weapons, as I have
tested many of them and the ones in this list I made are the types she can use. Anything else causes her scripts to fail and she stops following etc...
- Fixed the 'Let's Go' follower option. Fate6 had used the IsFollowing lines which you don't need, only the HasBeenHired and NPC ones. Also fixed
the Wait option as it was showing up at the first hire screen.
- Added an initial HiredNo option 'Nothing', which makes it like other companion options, which just cancels out the one option thing Fate6 had going.
- Added the weapon drawn when the player does script code, so she'll draw it out when the player does.

What this mod doesn't do:

- It doesn't add anything to her actions/mesh files, etc.
- Change her location or her look.
- Add any other files or strange dependencies upon other DLC, mods, etc.
- Attempt to steal any thunder from the mod authors who originally created this content.

The original Omocha Companion mod found here.

Just place the contents of the 7zip file in the Data folder and click 'yes' to overwrite.

Meshes/textures = justice123
Companion mod = fate6
Fix file = SoujiMonaru

Upload History:
v2.0 - Fixed GREETING dialogue to only hers.
  Fixed general typos and grammar issues.
  Added screenshot of added weapons in her weapon list.
  Double-checked dialogue for errors. Only the GREETING one needed fixing.
v1.0 - Initial release.