Fallout New Vegas
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About this mod

Updated animations for the Motorcycle Replacer Mod made by Ajax120

Permissions and credits
This mod update all animations for the Motorcycle Replacer Mod made by Ajax120.

I have separated animations into 3 files. The main files contain only the animations for your avatar and companions. The others 2 optional files contain an updated motorcycle item. Choose only one optional file. The first optional file is made to be used with the Advanced J3xMotorcycle mod or the J3xMotorcycle Companion Fix mod (backpack slot item). The second optional file is made to be used with the More Advanced J3X Motorcycle mod (necklace slot item)

What you can expect:
- New animations for your character
- New animations for your companions
- New animations for the motorcycle (spinning wheels)

Mods required: 
- J3xified Drivable Motorcycle // Advanced J3xMotorcycle mod // J3xMotorcycle Companion Fix // More Advanced J3X Motorcycle mod
- J3x Motorcycle Replacer mod

Installation :
If you use a mod manager, Install normally each files.

If you don't use a mod manager, drop the content of each archives into your Fallout New Vegas/data folder

Uninstallation :
If you don't use a mod manager, remove these files:
- meshes/J3X/Motorcycle/Vechile_left_sit.kf
- meshes/J3X/Motorcycle/Vechile_left_sit_back.kf
- meshes/J3X/Motorcycle/Vechile_right_sit.kf
- meshes/J3X/Motorcycle/Vechile_right_sit_back.kf
- meshes/J3X/Motorcycle/Vechile_sit.kf
- meshes/J3X/Motorcycle/Vechile_sit_back.kf
- meshes/J3X/Motorcycle/01-motorcycle-item.nif

J3x - Original mod creator and animations
Ajax120 -  Motorcycle replacer creator