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Adds the Gifted trait from Fallout 1 & 2 into New Vegas

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This brings back the Gifted trait from Fallout 1 & 2 in New Vegas.

Gifted gives you a permanent +1 boost to your SPECIAL attributes, at the expense of -5 to all your skills, and -2 fewer skills per level. I elected to use these values as they are consistent with the vanilla New Vegas trait philosophy, of having fairly forgiving negatives. That said, with a level cap of 50, the lower skills per level will make it substantially harder to max your skills.

I have included all of Yukichigai's fixes for traits in Old World Blues, so you will not be able to take the trait twice and get double points or anything. You can respec your traits in Old World Blues at the Auto-Doc, and it will work perfectly.


  • New Trait, implemented in a way true to the spirit of Classic Fallout
  • Full compatibility with Old World Blues

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Requires Old World Blues

Recommended Mods

  • If you want more Traits, my version of Unlimited Traits will allow you to take as many as you want

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