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  1. Boone of the Wasteland
    Boone of the Wasteland
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    Will this help for font sizing? I can no longer see the top left corner texts and when I can focus in the words are gone. Is there a way to increase the size of that particular font?


    Where is says checking for nvse top left.
  2. RavenMind
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    Hey, nice mod. Can you confirm if it works in Oblivion? I would assume so since OB also uses .fnt/.tex pairs. I've been looking all over for a way to make DarNified readable on a large monitor or TV & this looks like exactly what I need. Never thought to search in New Vegas - didn't even know DarN was compatible with it. Thanks!
  3. outlandish123
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    Thanks. This mod was hard to find and is the only one that maintains the Fallout aesthetic. The default DarnUI font is awful and seems more suited to something like Mass Effect.

    Alternative fonts for DarNified UI (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40471) is better but still not quite right with a more Bioshock feel.

    Hopefully endorsing this will make it easier to find through search engines. Thanks again.
  4. Bottletopman
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    You wouldn't happen to know what program can open the vanilla fonts do you?
  5. Hermit85
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    Would you mind explaining how you created this font?
    I presume you used the DC Font Generator?
    If so, is there are tutorial around telling us how to use it properly?
    I'm having difficulty generating fonts with it.
  6. dragonfire3405
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    Thank you.
  7. foashy
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    Is this usable without DarnUI? It looks like it should, but im apprehensive to try it without knowing.
    1. roxahris
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      Yes, it'll work. However, it's a bit smaller than the vanilla fonts so it might not fit perfectly.