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Adds a completely custom makeshift automatic rifle to the game with leveled lists integration. Complete with custom firing sounds and 4K textures.

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This mod adds a completely custom makeshift automatic rifle to the game. The design takes inspiration from early 20th century weapon designs. The name M2281A1 TAR stands for Model of 2281 Trentosaurus Automatic Rifle.
The rifle has been integrated into leveled lists so you can find them for sale from merchants and on NPCs throughout the wasteland. It may take a few in-game days for the weapon to appear though. There is also a testing copy in Doc Mitchell's house on the counter next to kitchen sink.
It uses .308 rounds.

The weapon has it's own custom firing sound as well. 

Here's a quick video showing the firing animation for those curious about how it's supposed to work.

Note: When you equip the weapon the bolt assembly may appear offset to the left a bit, this issue fixes itself when you shoot or reload. It's an integral problem with the animations that I'm not sure if there is a fix for.

Please let me know if you have any problems and I'll try to get a fix out or help you.

==== CREDITS ====

Trentosaurus: model, textures, sound fx, and esp plugin