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Adds the PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle to the game with leveled lists integration and a unique variant.

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This mod adds the Russian PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle to the game. I decided to give the rifle a two-round magazine due to animation restrictions.
The main gun has been integrated into leveled lists so you can find them for sale from merchants and on NPCs throughout the wasteland. It may take a few in-game days for the weapons to appear.
There is a cut-down unique variant that can be found at the entrance to Quarry Junction. When you find it it will be at 50% condition, so you should repair it with regular PTRD-41's or with weapon repair kits. The unique version has the same base damage, but has a faster fire rate, +50% critical hit damage, and less AP costs for V.A.T.S. It also weighs less.

Each weapon has it's own custom firing sound as well.

This is a large mod, about 90mb uncompressed, so you've been warned! Two full sets of 4K textures will do that. However I have added downscaled 2K resolution textures if you want some extra performance or just a faster download. The 2K set is 26mb uncompressed.

There are two testing copies on Doc Mitchell's kitchen table.

Please let me know if you have any problems and I'll try to get a fix out or help you out.

HUGE thanks to Hitman47101 and Fallout2AM for their animation work. Go endorse their Animation Resources page!

---- CREDITS ----

Trentosaurus: model, textures, sound fx, and esp plugin
Ghogiel: Environment map
Hitman47101 & Fallout2AM: 1st Person Weapon Animations replacers