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Pack turbolaser weapons with modifications.

Permissions and credits
The list of changes in version 1.2:
- The type of ammunition used by turbolaser and hyper-turbolaser rifle changed to "electronic charge" instead of "Microfusion Cells". Now Fiends can shoot from their turbolaser rifles.
- Slightly increased base damage hyper-turbolaser pistol.
- Changed turbolaser and hyper-turbolaser sniper rifle scopes (Many thanks to soroka for providing texture reticle).

The list of changes in version 1.1:
- Updated the mechanical sights for turbolaser and hyper-turbolaser weapons (except sniper rifle).
- Daubal new visual effect when the disintegration of critical damage from hyper-turbolaser weapons.
- Reduce the brightness of the optical sight hyper-turbolaser sniper rifle.
- Fixed a bug with arms of Jean-Baptiste turbolaser sniper rifle instead of vanilla laser rifle.

Pack includes:
- Turbolaser Pistol.
- Turbolaser Rifle (fully automatic).
- Turbolaser Sniper Rifle.
- Hyper-Turbolaser Pistol (unique version of Turbolaser Pistol).
- Hyper-Turbolaser Rifle (unique version of Turbolaser Rifle).
- Hyper-Turbolaser Sniper Rifle (unique version of Turbolaser Sniper Rifle).

Where to find:
- Standard turbolaser weapons written in Level lists and can be found as random loot drops, from slain enemies or buy from vendors. Modifications are sold at vendors (best to look them in the "Silver Rush").
- Hyper-turbolaser weapons found in the single copy and can be found in the following locations:
Hyper-Turbolaser Pistol - at REPCONN Test Site (REPCONN Basement)
Hyper-Turbolaser Rifle - in Hidden Valley (Hidden Valley Bunker (not the one in which he lives BOS))
Hyper-Turbolaser Sniper Rifle - on the road to Jacobstown (Ruby Hill Mine)

Possible conflicts:
- Possible conflicts with mods altering bunkers in Hidden Valley, basement of REPCONN test site and Ruby Hill Mine.

- Weapon scripted written in Form and Level Lists. All weapons written in perks that should be written a beam weapons. Beam ignited gas traps.
- Weapons have unique sounds of shooting.

Extract the contents to a folder Data. Connect plugin TurboLaserWeapon.esp in the launcher or FOMM.

Remove plugin TurboLaserWeapon.esp in launcher or FOMM. Remove previously extracted files from meshes, textures and sound folders.

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