Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Travel to a new worldspace, the NCR's main railhub of Bullhead, and reactivate the stalled locomotive industry, with fully voiced NPCs, new quests, dungeons, equipment, and more!

Permissions and credits
You ever find it funny that even though the NCR canonically have working railroads, and New Vegas is a high-profile area, there's no working trains, freight or otherwise?
I did. And because I'm the best, I've decided to add some actual trains to New Vegas.
But then I decided to go the extra mile.
Welcome to New Vegas Railroads. A worldspace/immersion mod that aims to get the Mojave moving a little bit, by expanding upon the NCR's often mentioned but little seen railroading endeavors.
With this, the player may travel to the town of Bullhead, the major NCR railroad hub in the Mojave, and help them get New Vegas' railroads back up and running.
But even if they choose to ignore that, Bullhead Railyard is full of things to do, with tons of unique weapons, equipment, and secrets scattered about. 

-A new worldspace, Bullhead Depot, the major rail hub for all westbound freight in the NCR, connected to the Mojave via tunnel. With a massive amount of little features, secret areas, and more!
-Bullhead features working signal lights, trains configurations changing as the day goes on (but only if you get the trains running), working lifts, and much, much more.
-New equipment, all train themed of course! From railway rifles, crossing-gate melee weapons, and a locomotive-themed powerfist, plus much, MUCH more.
-After the player saves Sloan from the deathclaws, and deals with the Powder Gangers, they can head to Colonel Hammer, the overseer at Bullhead, and inform him the tracks are clear.
-Once they do this, trains will start traveling along the Bullhead-Sloan-Boulder City rail line, with set schedules! 
-The ability to catch a train out of Bullhead, and ride it across the wasteland to Sloan, Boulder, or the Follower's trainyard!
-A multitude of trains, most of them are standard Barstow diesels, but we have a special massive steam locomotive, the Twohead Flyer, ready for action.
-Ability to watch the Twohead Flyer depart Bullhead and arrive in Boulder. It even crushes NPCs on the way!
-Four fully voiced, unique NPCs. 

The mod installs like any other Fallout or TES mod. Take the files inside, place them in your data folder. Or just use an autoinstaller, that works too.
After the mod is activated, travel south of Nipton, along the railroad tracks, until you reach the southern train tunnel. This now has a fast travel marker as well, labelled Mojave-Bullhead Tunnel. It is here you can travel through to reach Bullhead Railyard.
To get the trains running, you must have killed Eddie in the NCRCF, and the Alpha and Mother Deathclaws in Sloan's quarry. Once this happens, the trains will start running again. 
You do not need to do any of this to experience the vast majority of the mod's content. But it will allow you to use Bullhead's one-way fast travel system, and see a few additional scenes, like the trains running.
Most of the content is found by exploring Bullhead. Check your map often to see if you missed secret areas, as Bullhead has an extensive tunnel and dungeon system underneath it.
Once you have found the mod's... special armor set, you have effectively come to the end.
Finally, no quests in Bullhead are marked. This is more of a mini-mod than anything else.

This mod disables several bits of debris on the rail line that leads up from Nipton to Sloan, to Boulder. I doubt anything takes advantage of that debris, mods that add new debris to the railroad tracks won't affect the mod, it's just a matter of whether or not you believe the running trains are somehow capable of smashing through the things still on the tracks.
It also adds new NPCs to Boulder City's train station, and modifies the railroad tunnel south of Nipton.
The moving trains might be a bit weird in terms of movement, it was a limitation of what I had to work with. However, the moving train in Bullhead's tunnel won't kill you like the Flyer will. This is a deliberate decision, as during testing way, WAY too many NPCs were caught under its hellish wheels to be acceptable.

Q: What if I play a legion character?
A: You do not have to reactivate the running trains, and I don't fully recommend it. It's more an immersion thing for people who want it. If you play Legion or Independent, nothing is stopping you from exploring Bullhead's many secrets on your own.

Q: Why don't the peoples whens they gets hits by the train explode right away?
A: Trust me, as someone speaking from firsthand experience, the way people die to the Flyer as it runs over them is... accurate. Let's not talk about that further.

Q: Is there a set schedule for the trains?
A: Yes! Most relevantly, if the trains are running again, the Twohead Flyer will depart early in the morning from around 4-6 AM. The other trains will disappear and reappear throughout the day.

Q: How do I beat the one thing. You know what I mean.
A: Find and shoot the robobrains. 

Q: This is lore friendly?
A: Absolutely. In fact, the Twohead Flyer, or a nuclear-version of it, is in Fallout 4. Talk about coincidence huh?

Ramirezoid as the voice of Checks-Watches and Boilerplate.
James Mclauchlan as the voice of Bruce Hammer.
VIPerMX for his meshes.
Stev The Blue Chair from Upward for his T1 meshes.
Haishao for her textures.
Fallout2AM for animating the T1 meshes.
xanthumn for their patch.