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Adds a new weapon to the Mojave Wasteland, the Laser Musket from Fallout 4.

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The 'Laser Musket' mod adds a new weapon to the Mojave Wasteland, the Laser Musket from Fallout 4. (As best as I could I replicate it at least...) There are two versions of the mod; a standalone version which adds a single copy of the weapon somewhere in the Mojave and a craftable version which allows the weapon to be crafted and also adds it to the appropriate leveled lists. Both versions of the mod now have three weapon mods for the weapon, they can be found with the weapon in the standalone version, and can be bought or crafted in the craftable version.

As of now [10/09/2015] a new version of the Laser Musket is available, the 'CHARGED' version, thanks to 'Hopper31'! The new version allows the Laser Musket to gain 10 damage for each subsequent crank up to a max of 150 damage! Due to this increased damage, and some other minor issues the weapon mods for this version have been removed, and the weapon now uses a modded mesh from a previous version (purely aesthetic!). This version *requires that you have NVSE installed* and also makes the weapon 'player only' which is necessary for the script. The weapon can be found in the same location as the regular 'STANDALONE' version (read below).

A bug was found in the 'CHARGED' version, which has now been fixed. However if you downloaded the mod before 15/09/2015 then the bug could occur. The bug occurs when you crank the weapon in third person whilst moving forward. It will cause your character to be moving forward indefinitely. If you did download a previous version, you will need to make a clean save before updating, as the items in the new version have been renamed to differentiate them from the other mod versions.

Here's a video of the 'CHARGED' version in action:

Update [27/07/2015]: Thanks to 'SilverWolfMNG' a TTW compatible version of the CRAFTABLE musket is now available! If anyone uses this version please tell me if it works correctly (I think I packaged the .zip right) and also feel free to send me screenshots of the TTW version in action. Thanks.

Update [15/09/2015]: The 'CHARGED' version now supports Xbox controllers, provided that you have NVSE, Lutana's NVSE Plugin and have set Dinput Emulator to 'CONTROL' via Lutana's plugin.
You can download Lutana's plugin here.
You can see a video tutorial by me on how to get it to work here:

  • This mod has a warped texture. As of now (07/07/2015) I have no idea how to create good retextures, nor have any plans to. That said, anybody who wishes to retexture this may do so, and will be appropriately credited. Thanks, bayK. (To get the .nif to work with either DL the mod or PM me.

  • Due to a high amount of requests for the location of the Standalone Laser Musket, I'm just going to write the location here, and anybody who doesn't bother reading descriptions will just have to search for it. :P The Standalone is located here: 

  • Adds a completely new weapon to the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Adds a copy of the weapon to the wasteland *OR* allows the weapon to be crafted and added to the appropriate leveled lists.
  • Adds three new weapon mods to the Laser Musket, which can be found *OR* crafted and bought from the Gun Runners.
  • A 'CHARGED' version, which allows the weapon to increase in damage for each subsequent crank.

  • When equipping the weapon some users might notice a slight fps drop (around 5fps), this efefct can be reduced if not solved by using the 4GB Enabler for New Vegas, found here.
  • Whilst aiming down the sights the weapon might be slightly wonky, not sure of the cause, so don't expect any fixes. Sorry.
  • Other than that there aren't any more bugs in the latest version, but be sure to tell me if you find any so they can be fixed quickly.

  • This mod has no direct conflicts in the latest version, however as with most mods that affect leveled lists there will always be some conflicts, albeit none of them game-breaking. I believe leveled lists can be merged by creating a merged patch. Still remember to tell me about any other conflicts you come across so they can be dealt with as soon as possible.

  • To install, copy the 'LaserMusket(VERSION).esp' the 'Meshes' and 'Textures' folders into your Fallout New Vegas data folder. Or simply activate the mod using Fallout Mod Manager.

  • To uninstall, delete the 'LaserMusket(VERSION).esp' from your Fallout New Vegas data folder. Then go into both the 'Meshes' and 'Textures' folders and delete the 'LaserMusket' folder from both. Or simply deactivate the mod using Fallout Mod Manager.

Note: Fallout Mod Manager is HIGHLY recommended.
Note: 'VERSION' will either say 'STANDALONE', 'CRAFTABLE', 'TTW' or 'CHARGED' depending on which version you downloaded.

  • Me, for creating the weapon, and adding it to leveled lists, the wasteland etc.
  • SilverWolfMNG, for creating a TTW compatible version.
  • Hopper31, for scripting and creating the 'CHARGED' version.
  • Bethesda/Obsidian for creating Fallout New Vegas.

  • Permissions: The assets in this mod are considered modders resources. You can use them in your own files on the nexus as long as you credit me as the original author. If you want to host the files elsewhere, please ask my permission first. I will probably say yes anyway. Thanks..

  • Disclaimer: This mod is provided as is, meaning I will not be held responsible for any damage this mod may cause to you, your game or your hardware. It works perfectly fine for me so there's no reason it shouldn't work for you as well. I also recommend installing my mods with Fallout Mod Manager, which means any issues caused by manual  installation are also not my fault.