Fallout New Vegas
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About this mod

Inspired by the look of the racing game Forza Horizon 2 (Hence the name). Bright, sunny and with a hot feel to it, this ENB aims to make the Mojave look like the desert that its supposed to be.

Permissions and credits
A Western ENB tweak.
By: Martellus

enrikiller: For Western ENB
: For the palette
CeeJayDK: For SweetFX
Matso and Kyo: For the original ENB shaders
Boris Vorontsov: For the ENB Binaries
Martellus: For the tweaks

I'm not much when it comes to introductions or any of those fancy showmanship, so bear with me. With that out of the way.....
This ENB was made as an attempt to mimic the look of the game Forza Horizon 2. Whether i succeeded in that regard or not, you be the judge.
Made to be used with both Realistic Wasteland Lighting and Interior Lighting Overhaul.
Works with the newer Realistic Wasteland Lighting Enhancement.

FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting (Full Version)
Interior Lighting Overhaul

Realistic Wasteland Lighting Enhancement

Installation Instructions
Since this is a Western ENB edit, the same installation instruction applies.
Make sure your FNV directory is clear of any leftover files from previous ENBs
Download the ENB Binaries here.
This ENB setting uses v0.267.
Extract the contents of the WrapperVersion folder to your FNV directory. NOT THE DATA FOLDER.
4GB Extender users should place the d3d9.dll files to the exes folder, or the ENB won't work.
Download the files from this mod and extract the contents to your FNV directory. Overwrite when prompted.
Disable Anti Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering and Water Displacement in the game options. Make sure HDR is turned on.

Final Notes

Far as i know, Sweetfx does not play well with Steam's screenshot capture. So for best results, use PrintScreen and paste the image on an image editing software (Such as GIMP).
You can use Realistic Wasteland Lighting Enhancement if you prefer to tone down the brightness and/or get rid of the washed out textures. Or if you want the extra features that it offers. But bear in mind that this setting was made with the original RWL in mind.
I added a couple of comparison shots to show the difference between the two.