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Numeric Hit-Boxes (ala Borderlands/DeadIsland) as well as 3D healthbars, and more!

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  [1]:  Mod Description
  [2]:  Installation
  [3]:  MCM Toggles
  [4]:  F.A.Q.
  [5]:  Credits


If you haven't yet inferred from that animated logo up there, this mod introduces a few features, the primary one being 'numerical damage' much like those found in Borderlands or Dead Island (and other titles)

 скачать русскую версию BLIND можно по этой ссылке  this link <--.

When a being takes damage, the damage received is visually represented by a flying number.
Flying numbers, like this :


Key Features : 
 Damage #'s representation
 Dynamic 3D health-bars (similar to Fallout 4's!)
 Health Gain representation
 Knock-Out representation
 Kill-shot representation
 Player being irradiated representation
 Damage to Player # representation




  Installation can be done via NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) with a couple clicks, 
          or  manually if you prefer (open zip file, drag-n-drop content into Data folder).
  Uninstallation can be done via NMM, 
          or manually by deleting BLIND.esp, and "thefrontier" folders from both meshes and textures folders.

 BLIND requires NVSE!  Please go to nvse.silverlock.org for the latest version! ( v5)




      Through MCM you have the option of setting up a whole slew of customization for this mod, any way you prefer.
  Numeric Damage Visual Representation 
  Numeric Damage On Player 
  Knock-Out Visual Representation 
  Kill-Shot Visual Representation 
  Health Gain Visual Representation (non-player)
  Health Gain Visual Representation (on player)
  Radiation Visual Representation (on player)
  Dynamic 3D Health Bars 





Does this mod make changes to weapons/armors/creatures/balance/lighting?

Does this mod conflict with Project Nevada,
or any of the other 250+ mods in my load order??


Who is this mod for?
Fans of Borderlands, Dead-Island, any MMO, some Hack-n-slash games, 
or just anyone wanting to add a touch of RPG to their FNV

Will this effect performance?
Not for most folk. However, like *all mods* performance depends
on your computer's specs, as well as the # of mods you use, ect...
...Unless you are playing FNV on a potato.

What mods is it compatible with?
As far as anyone can tell, it has worked with every mod and DLC in existence.
Even TTW!

Will you update this mod with more content/options?
That depends. We feel the mod is well-rounded and fairly flushed out.
What more *could* be added?

This mod offends me

Did you get the healthbars idea from Fallout4?
Nope. That is just a coincidence in fact.

How long did it take to make this mod?
About a week.

Can I use some of these assets in another mod?
We'd rather this mod's assets stays within this mod.
Assets found withing BLIND are only to be used in BLIND.

So is this just a novelty mod?
Not exactly. A lot of folk really desire to see the damage done.
Other folk like modders and mod users may even find this as a kind of
tool that shows them how much damage a new weapon is doing.









                            Ed-e : My faithful punching bag, for taking one (thousand) for the team!
                            RoyBatty : for setting us on the right track with retrieving Nth from lists!


This mod *WILL* be made for Fallout4 asap, as soon as the tools are available!

This mod is NOT to be redistributed on other sites without express consent.

ALL ASSETS within this mod are for usage within BLIND only. They may not be ported or used in other mods. Textures and nifs are the creation of Weijiesen.

MANY NPC people of varied religious and ethnic backgrounds were harmed in the creation of this mod. Gender and age were not taken into consideration, all those folk were mindlessly slaughtered for the sake of testing this mod. Go elsewhere with your politically correct bs.

If you are experiencing a bug or issue, pls address it via pm. Blatantly claiming this mod has a problem or pointing fingers with an ignorant, indignant "This is broke, pls fix" *WILL* get your comment deleted, and depending on my level of caffeine, alcohol, and/or sexual activity, get yourself banned from my files altogether.

Screenshots are encouraged, especially GIFs using Gifcam (great free app i use.)

Uploading screenshots or animated gifs to the Images tab of this mod will earn you a KUDOS.

Like what you see?
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