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A mod that improves collision meshes.

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This mod fixes some of the worst collision meshes in the game!
Collision mesh is a mesh that you normally don't see in the game. It's used to simulate where bullets, bodies and other stuff can colide with the object.
For example,
- In vanilla game, you couldn't shoot between planks on the fence or metal beams on goodsprings water tank. Now you can!
- NCRCF towers are pain in the a** because railings on them were impenetrable, so you had a low chance of hitting something. Fixed!
- You can shoot through most car's windows.
- Ability to jump on the back of a truck.
- You can place items on chairs couches.
- And much more!

I've fixed a lot of bad CM (Collision Meshes), but there is so many of them, so if you see one I didn't cover, please let me know!

Fixes\Tweaks in additional to CM detail and some notes:

pool(2,5,8,10,13,cue)ball - smoothed mesh(from 101 to  295 vertices)and small UV fix Before/After
baseball.nif, basketball.nif - smoothed mesh(94 to 306 vertices) Before/After
nvbuffalogourd.nif  - smoothed mesh(64 to 207 vertices) Before\After
glasspitcher - slightly smoothed grip, also vanilla collision is not fully covered object. Before\After
vbedsingler01,surgicalcartr01,tv02(back panel) - mesh\UV fix 1,2,3
rugs - added CM to avoid fall items through it
pooltable.nif, pooltableruin.nif - floating border paintings and table spot fix Before\After
vehicles - detailed CM only for meshes without physics calculation or for static parts, also i made some meshes with very big mass static.
motorcycle01 - movable static version now without physics also removed invalid animation
car10 - fixed steering wheel position Before\After
businterior03.nif - fixed radio and window, restored destination sign.
bushulkfrontstatic01.nif,nvdlc04bushulkfrontstatic01.nif - fixed destination sign texture.
truckarmy02static - UV fix for text http://i.imgur.com/V0k7dNB.jpg
nv_firetruck,truckflatbed,truckarmy02static,truckarmy01,truckarmyhulk- fixed mesh gap Before/After
antennaresidential(01-03).nif - fixed missing doble-sided surfaces and minor mesh fixes. Before\After
indextsmcorout01 - fixed stretched CM part  http://i.imgur.com/68PiWwm.jpg
novac_motel.nif - restored water troughs which were cut with FNV updates.
truckflatbed - removed wrong mesh part(with missing text) which should not be here,fixed few mesh holes Before/After
mobilehomeasnv - UV\mesh fixes http://i.imgur.com/jFUZcu2.jpg
spinningwindmill,windmill_nv,windmill01_nv - fixed CM animation, now fan properly block bullets
Added complete missing CM: woodbeam(01-03).nif,nv_hooverdam_scaffolding_piece04.nif,nv_legionflag.nif,antennaresidential(01-03).nif
Fixed wrong CM position:

Included UF3P fixes for pooltable,pooltableruin,chemistryexperiment01,raidercorpsedressing05

"Miscellaneous files" section description:

[1]PrecisionCollisionClutterFix: triangle.nif - fixed broken CM, microscope01.nif - proper linked new CM, mutfruit01.nif - added UF3P fixes.
[2]Hectrol Tumbleweed compatibility: merged CM mod changes.
[3]OJO BUENO Texture Pack compatibility

*CM - collision mesh(es)
**UF3P - Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch

Thanks AustinDarkwolf for an awesome video! :)

Fallout New Vegas

Recommended mods:
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch
NMC's Texture Pack
Precision Collision - Clutter NV
Unnecessary Physics

Recommended installation order:
1.Yukichigai Unofficial Patch
2.Precision Collision - Clutter NV(overwrite conflicts)
3.My PrecisionCollisionClutterFix(overwrite conflicts)
4.Collision Meshes(overwrite conflicts)
5.Unnecessary Physics(overwrite conflicts)
6.Mods with patches from MISCELLANEOUS section(overwrite conflicts)
7.Other mods that customize meshes or change UV layout(overwrite conflicts)

Tools Used:
Blender 2.49
Blender(latest version)
NifSkope 1.1.3
NifSkope 2.0 Dev