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If you crouch, you'll be able to crawl under obstacles like you would in real life!

All you have to do is be crouched, have your weapon holstered, walk forward, and look straight ahead. You will automatically pass around obstacles if there is nothing in front of your crosshairs. If you want to pass around obstacles without needing to look straight ahead, hold right click.

You can go prone by holding the crouch button or by pressing the P key.

If you're indoors, you will need to be holding right click in order to pass around obstacles. I discovered early on that TCL-ing indoors is utter mayhem, especially if you're walking into stairs.

Made entirely by myself.


You may have noticed that when you go prone, you receive an effect called "Prone Effect" and it makes all of your hits criticals. This is because prone mode works by making your character's setscale smaller. For some reason, setscale is linked to damage output, so when you become smaller, you do less damage. I counteracted this by giving you an effect that makes all of your hits criticals while you're prone.

NVSE is required. Also, there is no point in getting this mod unless you have installed Collision Meshes, which creates more accurate meshes of almost all objects in Fallout: New Vegas. Without Collision Meshes, sure, True Crouching will still operate, but you won't be able to crawl under most objects.

The way this mod works is by toggling collision meshes  (TCL) on and off depending on a number of conditions being met. When you're crouching and trying to crawl through a space, you will TCL through the world until you stop moving, take out your weapon, or come too close to a wall.

For the best results while passing around obstacles, make sure your crosshairs aren't looking at a nearby object.

I also prevented TCL-ing if you press the left or right movement buttons. Moving side to side while in TCL mode is buggy.

Follow my real game, which is coming out soon.