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A small plugin that places the items from the four Pre-Order Packs around the starting area.

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[size=7]Pre-Order Packs Scattered[/size]
by Mudguy47

Version: 1.0
Date: 5/8/2015
Category: Miscellaneous


A small plugin that scatters the items from the four Pre-Order Packs around.

Unlike Yukichigai's Pre-Order Pack Selector this disables the packs entirely and spreads the armors and weapons in the area around Goodsprings and the beginning region.

None of the armors or weapons are changed, they are simply placed in containers, on NPCs, or laying in interiors.

It requires all four of the Pre-Order Packs. A version with only one or two of the packs will not be made!


Location Spoilers!!!

  • Caravan Pack : The items for this pack are located in the Prospector's Den on a dead body.
  • Classic Pack : Pistol is on the ledge where you have to help Barton Thorn get to in the early game. The armored vault suit is in a case at the Tribal Village (intentional for it to be difficult.) The canteen is on top of a locker inside the Goodsprings General Store, it is owned by Chet so it is considered stealing if you want to take it.
  • Mercenary Pack : I placed these items on an NPC at the NCRCF Prison. He is in Cell Block B with both the launcher and armor. He is a member of the Powder Ganger Faction so you can't go kill him without repercussions. (He will use the launcher so be warned, HE IS DEADLY.)
  • Tribal Pack : The machete is located at Jean's Skydiving near the generator by the door. The armor is in a case at the Powder Ganger North Base.

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