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Improves performance in combat by removing the muzzle flash light effect and shell casings.

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Better Combat Performance
wastedisposal edition

Did your PC slow down to a crawl during the Nelson assault or other big fights in New Vegas? This mod attempts to remedy this by removing the muzzle flash light effect and shell casings boosting performance on older systems. 

Detailed Information
This mod consists of two parts:
Better Combat Performance - No Bullet Shells.esp
Every time you fire a gun in New Vegas it realistically ejects a shell casing and it does this for everyone within a certain range of the player. The shell casings are also affected by physics which just puts an extra strain on slower systems. This reduces the maximum amount of shell casings to 0.

Better Combat Performance - No Muzzle Flash Lights.esp
Since the lighting engine in Gamebryo is poorly optimized it can cause severe slowdown on older systems when there's many light sources being rendered at the same time. Therefore it doesn't help that for every single bullet or laser fired in New Vegas a small light is created for a second, causing massive slowdown when there's multiple NPCs involved in combat. This mod completely removes the muzzle flash light by removing the reference to the muzzle flash light on all projectiles with a muzzle flash light emitter attached. This affects both Guns and Energy Weapons, and in the end should result in much better performance during combat.

NOTE: This does not remove the muzzle flash particle or the tracers, only the light which appear when firing a weapon!

DLC Requirements
Better Combat Performance - No Muzzle Flash Lights.esp requires the following:

Will clash with other mods that edit projectiles or change the GMST for shell casings, for example jsawyer.esp and Impact. You can easily make them compatible with FNVEdit and in the case of Impact you can skip this if you plan on using Better Combat Performance - No Bullet Shells.esp, since you won't be able to see the new shell casings.

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