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adds a .50 BMG HEI-AP ammo to the game. Raufoss rounds are high explosive, incendiary, armor piercing ammunition, whatever it is you're shooting at, this will probably kill it.

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This mod adds a (hopefully) balanced and fair high explosive, incendiary, armor piercing ammo type to the game. the rounds themselves do have explosive, burning, and DT reduction effects to help take out the toughest of targets. The ammunition has been (hopefully, again XD) added to all the vendor lists where .50 cal ammo is normally offered. you should only find one of these at a time from a vendor, or in a container, that is to design at the moment i am writing this because the idea is that this is a complex, precision round. i doubt even the gunrunners would be able to manufacture this ammo with their setup and the thought is that any ammo that you can obtain was found in an armory somewhere from before the war. Please report when you find the ammo as i've never tried this before and would like to know how well it is working etc... thanks for any help. o/

ALSO! in nice big, bold text, gunrunners arsenal is REQUIRED for this.

the diagram image above with the cut-away view of a raufoss round is from wikipedia, i claim no ownership of this image what-so-ever: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raufoss_Mk_211