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  1. falloutmaterII
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    is the og mod a replacer?
  2. RaZoRxTaNkZ
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    This is a very useful mod, I too do not like it when people use the wrong ammo types that's why you trust Millenia and his group for weapons
    1. PickleJar
      • member
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      When all of their 9x39mm weapons use .357, you trust them for ammo accuracy? :v

      Just for the record, the Grease Gun uses .45 IRL, not 9mm. If you also want to get 5.7mm ammo for the P90, you could always ask to make a compatibility patch between CFW and CALIBR.
    2. thejonathan130
      • supporter
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      PickleJar, It uses .45 ACP and there are variants that use 9x19mm Parabellum. Since there is no .45 ACP in the base game I went with using 9mm.
    3. Linerunner
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      I didn't use the wrong ammo types. I used the ammo the weapons used in the Fallout game they were taken from. CFWNV and Fallout itself for that matter is not a real world military ballistics simulator, it's a sci-fi RPG and goes it's own way. I honor that choice in my mod.
    4. helbent4
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      Fallout is set in an alternative history future. It's possible that HK could get a licence from FN to produce the P90c rechambered for 5.56mm. The alternate-future M249 could be chambered for something other than 5.56mm. Changes to any and all weapons are quite possible given the fact it's not our timeline, and it's the future. Remember, probably few or none of the "old" weapons used in Fallout are original models but copies of copies. And between the current day and the Great War changes could be made to the designs and production models of any weapons.
  3. rogue309
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    Sorry to tell ya this but the m3a1 greas gun was never chambered in anything other than 45 acp. it was designed to be a cheaper replacement for the thompson series of SMGs. So you actually goofed that one up your self.
    1. helbent4
      • member
      • 103 posts
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      Except for the 1000 that were chambered for 9x19mm and intended for delivery to European resistance forces in WWII. So in fact you goofed that one up yourself as well. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3_submachine_gun)

      Not to mention Fallout is set in an alternative timeline in the future. The alternate-future US government could have decided to re produce the M3 chambered for 9x19mm, It's not like the SMGs used by the US army are literally going to be using WWII/Korean War surplus SMGs which would be centuries-old antiques at that point.
  4. jtgibson
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    Frankly I think Project Nevada has this one the smartest for their version of the P90 -- it uses 5mm ammunition, the same stuff that miniguns use. It makes perfect sense, too, since 5.7mm is ultra-high-velocity low recoil ammo, which suits a minigun like a Speedo on a Belgian.

    I may be biased since I made this tweak to my own copy of CFW/FOOK way back in the FO3 days, though. ;-)
  5. lctlct
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    Eh.. Realism Fix, seems strange name. You are sure you don't want to relabel it "Real-life Ammo Patch" or something.

    Because, CFW is doing its thing perfectly right: >Classic Fallout Weapons< means, guns from classic Fallout.

    In Classic Fallout, FN P90 fires 10mm, AK fires 5mm and so on.

    Because, .. just because. Devs may be thought it is bad to have a sh!tload of different ammo around. Or they were lazy. Or stuffed all with "alternate reality" argument. I don't know. So CFW just uses the type of ammunition original Fallout (1&2,few 2d sequels) used.

    The M249 SAW, chambered for 762x51: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/M249_SAW No comments.

    Okay, but if you want to patch that by adding and switching to real-life ammo - why not? Just understand, that this is not a bug! Its a "feature".