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A standalone, on-demand rain mod. Activate a downpour anytime thru your pipboy, or let the rain fall on it's own time.

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This mod was made as a request for a simple, low impact, individual rainfall mod. I know there are awesome weather mods that do much, much more on the Nexus, and whatever suits your needs best please feel free to mod your game however you see fit. Happy Modding!

V2 UPDATE: Rainy Days V2 now available. V2 has a new feature allowing you to call down the rain anytime using your pipboy, just pick-up your trusty umbrella in front of Doc Mitchells' porch to add to your inventory. Select "Old Umbrella" from your weapon inventory, and you will be presented with the option to force a rain climate, which is just time durational.
(It still does what the description says below also, it will rain at various times and locations without use of the activator)

What this does: A standalone mod to add rain to the Mojave, similar to the Honest hearts DLC. This mod adds rain climates from Zion Canyon to all exterior Wasteland climates in the same specs: 95/5 chance (regular weather to rain) at 175 volatility. The rain technically falls at the same rate as in Honest Hearts, so what I would call seldom (I never had the problem of rain not stopping in the HH DLC, as I have read from users in the past).

: Fallout NV, Honest Hearts DLC, NVSE.

Known bugs
: Some locations will not produce rainfall, but the sky will still change to a rain climate w/ thunder and lightning. Duration of the weather effect may vary by user. Rain can clip through tents and other structures that are not interior cells, that is the game engines default.

Credits: Big thanks to Jokerine for the awesome script and getting the umbrella working in-game (and for the pics of the umbrella) found here. Thanks to Bethesda, Obsidian, Geck and me, SKYZOO.