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A Courier 6-worthy Safehouse within the villa of the Sierra Madre (Dead Money Add-on). Includes equipment and item stashes, weapons, resources and interfaces. A companion Safehouse to "Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound" & "Courier 6 Novac Compound." Full and LITE versions available. If downloading both, only activate only one at a time

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((Available in Full or LITE Version))

Courier 6 Sierra Madre Safehouse gives the Courier a small safe haven within the Villa of the Sierra Madre in Dead Money. This is the third installment in the Courier 6 Compound/Safehouse series of mods. It is available to the player immediately upon arrival at the Sierra Madre, after their chat with Elijah. It is located in the first courtyard to the right of the fountain (as you're looking at Elijah), right next door to the Gift Shop and holo-vendor, accessible through a custom placed doorway. The key to the safehouse is located behind the holo-vendor, in a locked (Easy) toolbox, in the Gift Shop. This mod consists of the safehouse, 5 locked stash boxes (all located within the Villa), and a locked storage closet.
The Courier 6 Sierra Madre Safehouse, like its Goodsprings and Novac Compound counterparts, is a detailed, custom-crafted environment, in a unique and custom game space. It has sufficient storage, items, amenities, and interfaces for Dead Money. There are thirteen Courier 6 unique weapons and eight unique apparel pieces included.

The SM Safehouse is appropriately scaled down compared to its Mojave counterparts, for some semblance of balance within the unique Dead Money environment. It still packs plenty of punch though, and offers a safe area within the Sierra Madre Villa where your Courier can drop and store loot, get some needed rest where they couldn’t before, purchase or trade items, make a meal, craft necessaries, and repair their gear. There are more than enough useful resources included. The mod will well-reward Couriers with solid Lockpick skills (50 - 75) and those that have the Handloader perk. If you’re Courier doesn’t, no worries, you can still access enough resources that were not previously available in vanilla Dead Money.

The mod comes in two version, depending on player preference; a Full and LITE version. The full version offers numerous stocked items that the player will find useful in Dead Money to include Courier 6 unique weapons and apparel. There are enough stocked aid and miscellaneous items, as well as ammunition for Courier 6's unique weapons, and access to other items not available in Dead Money. There are also enough crafting items and ingredients included to bring more crafted augments to bear in the Sierra Madre. Also available are five stash boxes in the Villa area, that are similar to Dean's, but are far more useful, as well as a stocked storage closet. The LITE version retains the safehouse, but removes all stocked items from the safehouse and the stash boxes from the Villa. The LITE version does retain the stocked storage closet with scaled-down contents as a moderate boon for LITE players. If players have any concerns about over-powered play, the LITE version is for you. If you download both versions, ensure you only activate one at a time.

This mod carries a backstory with it, told through holotapes, located within the safehouse. Bottom line: Courier 6 was well-travelled prior to meeting Benny, and had been to the Sierra Madre. It also provides a tiny amount of back story to the rest of the mod series. Players should feel free to ignore or use the backstory to supplement their own role-playing as they see fit. The LITE version comes without backstory; it just doesn't fit in the stripped down version.

I’ve used assets from across the main game and all DLCs to craft this mod, so you will need all DLCs and Add-ons, (even though it’s a Dead Money-specific mod), to use it. This mod is built purely from vanilla assets, with two minor scripts added, so there is nothing included that can crash or freeze your game.

I made this series of mods for me, plain and simple. My intent was to make myself a one-stop Courier 6-worthy compound in Goodsprings, then expand that concept to smaller regional safehouses/compounds that are widely functional and broadly applicable to Courier 6’s wide-open backstory, allowing Courier 6 to spread their influence across the Mojave and DLC areas, and enjoy their many advantages for the entire game.

See photos.


-Backstory (Full version only)
-Map Marker
-5 x locked and stocked stash boxes within the Villa
-A locked and stocked storage closet with useful items, and reloading and workbenches
-2 reusable Chem Sets (random loot)
-SM Vending Machine available inside
-Notable vending machine codes are available in the Safehouse
-Holo-Vendor (merchant) next door
-Well-Rested player-owned bed
-Purified water sources
-Water purifier
-Ample Lockers and Storage
-Reloading bench
-Work Bench
-2 x Crafting Hot Plates
-Bitter Drink Recipe (with enough ingredients to make a small stash)
-Stocked aid items
-Stocked ammunition and explosives
-Stocked miscellaneous items
-Stocked crafting items, to include items not available in vanilla Dead Money
-Varying ways to increase skills that are necessary in Dead Money
-Thirteen (13) Courier 6 unique weapons
-Eight (8) Courier 6 unique apparel pieces

Unique weapons and apparel include edited Dead Money weapons and apparel, as well as others. These have been added to appropriate perk lists as applicable, so you can use them back in the Mojave, and all work with the Jury Rigging perk. (See Notes below).

STASH BOXES: The five Courier 6 stash containers are a highlight of the mod. They are spread throughout the Villa area of the Sierra Madre, and are filled with a number of desirable and useful items. There is one located at each of the four doors leading to the outlying areas of the Sierra Madre, and one next to Dean's stash that is hardest to reach because of the cloud (definitely worth getting to!) – I won’t spoil the exact location, but will post it within the comments section if anyone has trouble. These will all require locks to be picked. Skill requirements range from Easy to Hard. These stash boxes are worth their appropriate effort to gain access to. There is also a storage closet, (close to the safehouse; and previously an open area in vanilla DM—where the workbench was located), stocked with quality items that will require an Average lockpick skill to access. There are Lockpick skill augmenting items included in the mod. Mod placed resources will only be found within the Villa. There are none located in the districts or the casino.

WEAPONS: Courier 6’s Sierra Madre unique weapons have been enhanced, re-statted and re-sounded. The focus of the Courier 6 weapons includes Dead Money specific weapons, as well as a few others that are particularly useful…and deadly. Most have had firing rates adjusted. All have had spreads tightened, DAM/DPS overhauled, and AP use adjustments to hit harder and more accurately, and feel better overall in gameplay. All weapons also carry a unique effect. There is only a single copy available for each Courier 6 unique weapon in the mod. Weapons include: Unique BAR, Holorifle, Marksman Carbine, M1911, Auto-12 Shotgun, Sierra Madre “Judge”, Police Special, and five Melee weapons. Courier 6’s Cosmic Cleaning Knives are not upgradeable, so I’ve added a couple of  unique Courier 6 Super-Heater Knives that do Fire DAM on critical.

Courier 6 Sierra Madre Unique Weapons and STATS:

Weapon Name                           lbs         Health      Crit      DAM      DPS      Value      Limb      Crit %      Mods      APs

.357 Police Special (DM)            2.0           1000        35        35        131       4500       2.0         2.0           N          5
(Bonus Crit Chance/Crit DAM)

M1911A1 (SM)                            1.5           1000        50        45        179       6000       2.0         2.0           Y         10
(Bonus Crit Chance; Clip: 8)
Sierra Madre Judge (20 GA)        3.5           1000        35        40        179       7500       2.0         2.0           N         10
(Bonus Crit Ch/Crit DAM; 20 GA Ammo)

Sierra Madre Auto-12                  6.0          1000        25        80        319      13000       1.5         1.5           N         15
(20 Rd Mag; Full Auto; Ignores DT/DR; Repair: Hunting Shotgun)
Custom Carbine (SM)                   6.0          1000        35        35        199      12000       1.5         2.0           N         10 
(20 Rd Clip; Ignores DT/DR)

Custom BAR (SM)                        15.0         1000        50        45        337      14000       1.5         1.5           Y          15
(Fire Rate: 12; Att/Sec: 7.50; Ignores DT/DR)
Flare Gun (SM)                            1.5          1000        40        50        127        2000       1.2         2.5           N          5 
(Fire DAM; Frightens Aboms ([Criticals make Ghosts flee])

Custom Holorifle (SM)                  8.0          1000        80       105       163       13000      1.5         1.5           Y          15
(Holorifle DAM +15)

Cosmic Cleaning Knife (SM)          2.0          1000        35        35        104        1000       1.5         3.0           N           5
(Bonus Crit Chance/Crit DAM; 200% DAM in VATS @ +5 APs)

Cosmic Super-Heater (SM)            2.0          1000        35        30         89         1500       2.5         5.0           N         10
(Bonus Critical Chance/Limb DAM; Fire DAM on Critical)

Sierra Madre Fire Axe                   6.0          1000        50        70        143        5000       3.0         1.5           N         15
(Limb DAM Bonus; VATS Knockdown on Critical)
Sierra Madre Street Baton             2.0          1000        20        50        80           850       1.0         1.5            N        10
(Fatigue DAM)

Cosmic Super Cleaner (SM)            6.0          1000        40        60        142        2000      1.5         3.0            N         10
(Bonus Crit Chance)

APPAREL: Courier 6 Sierra Madre unique apparel pieces are well-suited for the environment of Dead Money. DT has been generally increased, but unique set-ups are available for higher DT seeking players and hi-critical players. All pieces are uniquely enchanted to heavily favor the PC. Unique apparel includes: Custom Sierra Madre Reinforced Armor and Helmet, Duster with Riot Helm, Custom SM Jumpsuit, Custom Assassin Armor, one set of NVGs, and one set of protective goggles. Restrictions have been lifted so glasses, goggles and masks (if you have them from other mods) can be worn with both the Courier 6 SM Reinforced Helmet and Riot Helm.

I have not added Toxic Cloud or Speaker mitigating items because there is an excellent mod on Nexus which does that already. But I have buffed some apparel items to substantially boost Health, which gives you more time in the Cloud before you begin to take real damage.

Courier 6 Sierra Madre Unique Apparel and STATS:

Armor Name                                                  lbs         Type      Health       Value           DT            Repair 
Courier 6 SM Maintenance Jumpsuit                 3          LT           2000          500              5          PreWar Casual 
Ench: (IN +4, Lock +25, Repair +25, Science +25, Exp +25)

Courier 6 Sierra Madre Duster                          3          LT           2000         6200            20         Leather Armor 
Ench: (Hlth +25, Energy Wpns +15, Exp +15, Guns +15, Melee +15)

Courier 6 Sierra Madre Assassin Armor             10         LT           2000         7500            20         Combat Armor 
Ench: (AG +3, Crit Ch +5, Energy Wpns +20, Guns +20, Sneak +40)

Courier 6 SM Custom Reinforced Armor            20        LT            2000         6000            30         Sierra Madre Armor 
Ench: (Weight +75, Hlth +100, Energy Wpns +15, Exp +15, Melee +15)

Courier 6 SM Custom Reinforced Helmet           5         LT            2000         3500              7         Sierra Madre Helmet 
Ench: (DR +10, Hlth +50, PER +2, Med +25)

Courier 6 Riot Helmet (SM)                               2         LT            2000         4000              5         Combat Helmet
Ench: (Crit Ch +5, LCK +2, PER +3, Sneak +20, Sneak Sight)

Courier 6 Protective Goggles (SM)                     1         LT            2000         2000              3         Glasses 
Ench: (APs +10, Crit Ch +3, Hlth +50, PER +3, Sneak +25)

Courier 6 NVGs (SM)                                         1         LT            1000          2500             3         Glasses 
Ench: (Hlth +50, PER +4, Sneak +25, Night Vision)

I’ve play tested this mod on a full run and have found no incompatibilities. But as with anything, YMMV with your rig, load order, and whatever mods you run. Courier 6 unique weapons should be compatible with WMX and WRP. As stated above, I built this mod purely from vanilla assets, so there is absolutely nothing included here that can crash or freeze your game. I’ve Nav-meshed all applicable areas, so feel free to bring your companions into the safehouse. I have play tested this mod with a controller and it works perfectly.


You are free to ask for anything you would like to see added…except for auto-sorters. ;)

My request to users is that you let me know of any major problems you encounter. Just because it plays virtually flawless for me isn’t necessarily a 100% guarantee it will for you…although it should play at least serviceably.


Placed Item Shuffle: There are a number of placed items in the full version of this mod. As is to be expected, if you pick one thing up, it tends to shuffle the items around it. If it really bothers you, reload (although I never recommend re-loading an auto save) and attempt to pick up the wanted item; you tend to get less shuffle that way. Of course, you can just pick-up and rearrange things the way you want as well…or dump it all in containers…OR just download the LITE version and be done with it! I haven’t had any problems with my Couriers or companions walking by placed items and them moving or falling.


All Fallout New Vegas issued DLCs and add-on packs:

Fallout New Vegas .esm
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road
Gunrunner’s Arsenal
All Courier’s Stash Add-on packs


-Bethesda and Obsidian, for giving life to New Vegas and Courier 6.
-Nexus modders, for your inspiration.
-Nexus Community users, who make it all worthwhile.

Enjoy! Regards to the Community!



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