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A Courier 6-worthy compound in Goodsprings. Many amenities, three player-owned buildings, tons of loot, custom weapons and apparel. See Description. Full and LITE versions available. If downloading both, ensure you only activate one mod at a time.

Permissions and credits
NOTE 1: I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks to Nexus and the Community for your support for this mod...Hot File-ing it early on, and giving it over 500 Endorsements [this late in the lifecycle]. It is both appreciated, and entirely unexpected, since I had built this mod for myself initially. It was in development and constant revision for well over 6 months (which ran parallel with discovery learning on the GECK) prior to my decision to release it to the community. Your support has made that all worthwhile. I really love being part of this community. THANK YOU all again!

NOTE 2: Courier 6 GOODSPRINGS COMPOUND "LITE" Version has been added as of 25 Sep 2014 at a number of user requests. See note at the end of the description for LITE version highlights, and what it changes from the FULL version. All of my Safehouse and Compound mods in the future will now include a LITE version. My thanks to all users for your recommendations!**

NOTE 3: Be sure to check out Courier 6 NOVAC Compound, Courier 6 Sierra Madre Safehouse (Dead Money)Courier 6 Zion Safehouse (Honest Hearts), and Courier 6 Hopeville Safehouse (Lonesome Road), which are regional, companion homes to this mod. (Links at bottom).


Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound is a detailed, custom-crafted environment that includes a player home, an armory, and a companion barracks, all available at the start of the game in Goodsprings. It has ample space, storage, items, unique weapons and armor, amenities, and interfaces. It is well-suited for Hardcore gameplay.

Yes, I know there are a metric ton of Goodsprings player homes, but this is the Goodsprings player home/compound I’ve always wanted, but never found. Its taken months to conceive and build, all the while discovery learning on the GECK, but its about right where I want it; and I hope you like it as much as I do.

This mod also serves secondarily as an overhaul and fix mod for specific weapons and armor pieces, which are not replacers or game-wide overhauls, but one of a kind uniques available only to Courier 6. Many weapons and armors have been overhauled and outright fixed, most notably: DM Auto-Rifle, both .45 Auto pistols and the SMG, all shotguns, Bozar, That Gun, Marksman Carbines, 50 MG AMR, Light Machinegun, Holorifle, Trail Carbine, Silenced Sniper Rifle, Ratslayer, all 5 sets of Riot-Type armor, 4 cowboy-type armors, the 4 Lonesome Road Dusters, and many, many more. Check out the READ ME to see the full list of Courier 6’s unique weapons and armor contained in this mod, as well as some of the specifics of what was fixed and/or enhanced… a lot of effort has gone into it. Currently, there are 68 weapons, and 51 armor and accessory pieces that have been overhauled, edited, re-worked, enhanced and/or enchanted to make a unique, personal weapon and armor inventory for Courier 6.

This is the first in a series of “Courier 6” themed safehouse/compound mods I’ll be releasing. I’m am currently finishing the others up, and will be posting them as they are done.

I’ve used assets from across the main game and all DLCs to craft this mod, so you will need all DLCs and add-ons to enjoy everything it has to offer. This mod is built purely from vanilla assets, with the only exception of three limited, very minor scripts; so there is nothing that will crash or muck up your game.

I made this mod for me, plain and simple. My intent was to make myself a one-stop Courier 6-worthy compound in Goodsprings, with smaller regional safehouses/compounds that are widely functional and broadly applicable to Courier 6’s wide-open backstory. I’ve only decided recently to release it to the community in the event anyone was still looking for THAT house mod.

Honestly, there is too much in the mod to list, but the highlights below should give you an idea of what’s included. The READ ME includes additional information. Just take your time, explore it, play with it, and test it all out. I’ve taken up most of the northern section of Goodsprings, so any mod you have on your game that relies on that area will probably be affected.

Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound includes:

*3 custom buildings in Goodsprings (all locked – [keys in mailboxes]): 
               -Home – Fully functional, useful and livable.
               -Armory – Fully stocked with Courier 6’s custom, unique weapons and armor inventory, ammunition, and ample named storage.
               -Companion Barracks – Functional, useful, with companion-specific storage.
* Fully Nav-meshed interiors and exteriors
* Map Marker for quick travel
* Lore friendly environments
* Crafting ovens
* Outdoor camp fires
* Crafting Hot plates
* 2 x highly functional kitchens
* Reusable chemistry sets with a perpetually re-usable Deluxe Set (Sci 25 required) in the house.
* Well-rested player owned bed
* Infirmaries and an aid station
* Water purifier
* Sierra Madre Vending Machine in house with all SM vending codes included
* Plenty of purified water sources
* Respawning garden
* Early access to many DLC items (weapons, armors, uniques, consumables, and more).
* Several placed/stored New Vegas vanilla uniques (weapons and apparel).
* Named/unnamed storage lockers/footlockers/first aid kits/safes/refrigerators/coolers.
* Named/unnamed ammunition and explosives storage.
* Ample shelf and table space.
* Stocked grocery-type shelves in house hallway with many desirable consumables.
* Hundreds of placed items.
* Stocked ammo, explosives, consumables, crafting items, chips and ingredients.
* Access to many items/consumables you may never have used before, due to scarcity, skill requirement, lack of perk…or even…interest.
* Several workbenches and reloading benches with adjacent parts lockers.
* Designated weapon and armor repair parts containers.
* Functioning slot machines with chips in the house. (Visit appropriate Casino to exchange).
* A Cowboy Perk Pack and Grunt Perk Pack included as boosts for Cowboys and Grunts.
* New Vegas radio throughout interiors…you can shut radios off if you wish, of course.
*GRA and Hopeville Weapon and Ammunition Shipments, as well as Crimson Caravan Shipments. Located behind armory. GRA ammo shipment and Crimson Caravan shipments respawn.
* A placed Roughin-It bedroll to carry throughout the game. One of three replacer items in the mod. Significantly reduces bedroll weight for any copy in game.
* Placed Lucky Shades and Authority Glasses. These are the other two replacer items in the mod. Wear restrictions have been lifted on each, so you can wear them with a mask. No other edits. Applies to all copies in game.
* Courier 6 personalized unique weapon inventory. Weapons have been hardened, fixed, edited, re-animated (as necessary), resounded (to sound like GUNS and not firecrackers), and enhanced using vanilla models. No replacers. Two copies of each are included in the mod. Many fixes and overhauls are included. All Courier 6 unique weapons are labeled “Courier 6 xxxx”.
* Unique weapons include melee, unarmed, energy, guns, big guns and explosive. They include many useful weapons such as an auto-shotgun, an auto-5.56mm, a semi-auto .50 BMG sniper rifle, hi-critical melee weapons, higher RoF pistols/revolvers, a flare gun, a shot pistol and a nail gun. There are many more fixed, edited and satisfying weapons included. To me, most of these now function the way they should have in vanilla. They feel better and perform way better.
* Courier 6 personalized unique armors and accessories inventory: apparel and accessories are hardened, have higher DT, and now carry multiple, useful enchants. Each uses a vanilla model. No replacers. Currently there are 51 Courier 6 unique apparel pieces in the mod. These are one-of-a-kind. What you see on the shelves and tables is what you get. All Courier 6 unique apparel items are labeled “Courier 6 xxxx”.
* Courier 6 unique accessories: helmets, hats, riot helmets, rebreathers, NVGs, goggles, glasses, and breathing mask are all uniquely edited, and all are enhanced with relevant and useful enchants. Restrictions are removed so you can mix and match, and wear different pieces together.
* All Courier 6 weapons and apparel repairs work with the Jury Rigging perk.
* All
Courier 6 unique weapons have been added to appropriate perk lists and have been tested.
* Bottom line: Courier 6’s unique weapons are up to three times more durable, sound better, fire faster, and hit harder; unique versions of apparel are up to four times more durable, provide a far higher level of DT, and have multiple, useful, game-changing enchants/effects.

WEAPONS: Courier 6’s unique weapons have been enhanced, re-statted and re-sounded, or in some case, re-chambered. Most have had firing rates adjusted. A few have been made full-auto where once they were semi-auto. All have had spreads tightened, DAM/DPS overhauled, and AP use adjustments. Appropriate animations have either been changed or added where necessary. There are two copies of each unique weapon in the game, with the exception of “super” weapons which are stand alones, and lower level holdouts that have multiple copies. There is also a small collection of minimalist weapons in the Barracks that are enhanced, but no where near the level of most Courier 6 weapons, for challenge seeking players.

APPAREL: Courier 6’s armor inventory is designed to be mixed and matched as you see fit, with many restrictions removed from individual pieces. DT to weight ratios now heavily favor the player. The enchantments alone will force players to re-think their load outs and perks, because there is so much useful choice available among unique apparel pieces. There is a ton of diversity in your apparel now, with numerous skill enhancing and positive effects accessories included. Some effects include: water breathing, night vision, and radiation resistance. It will definitely take some time to re-configure and test optimal kits for your play style. So have fun with it. There is only one copy of each unique apparel piece.

Check the READ ME for the repair lists for weapons and apparel, which have been significantly simplified. Uniques that had no repair list assigned to its vanilla counterpart now do. Repair list works with the Jury Rigging perk.

Courier 6 unique weapons and apparel is not intended to compete with the many great weapon and armor mods available, but only to offer more choice by providing the player tangible, ultra-effective in-game weapon and apparel alternatives to outside sourced mods.


There are now two versions of the mod, adjusted to player preference. Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound (Full version) is what most would consider overpowered, because I have been generous with the stock and enchants. It is the "give all" version for those who just want to walk-about, those who want to waylay anything in their path, or those who might want to dial up the heat to Very Hard/Hardcore and be fully equipped for it. The LITE version gives you all of the facilities minus loot, and unique weapons and armor, for those who like the facilities but still want to earn their way. There are a couple of other adjustments as well in the LITE version, but the facilities stay intact (See note at the bottom). For those who have preferences somewhere in between, you can DL the Full version, pick and choose those items and loot you'd like to have up front, then stash the rest in the six empty containers out in the trailer behind the armory "just in case."  Whatever your preference and whatever you choose, there's enough flexibility here for all play styles. You have a great facility to call your own with the Compound, but what stuff you choose to use is completely left up to you, to tailor it to your own preferences and make the New Vegas experience whatever you want it to be. Choice...lots of choice was my intent with the mod. Whatever you choose, have fun! That's why I made it.


I’ve play tested this mod on a full run and have found no incompatibilities. But as with anything, YMMV with your rig, load order, and whatever mods you run. As I said above, any mods that rely on the northern section of Goodsprings will more than likely be affected. Goodsprings overhauls MIGHT be affected. Courier 6 unique weapons are compatible with WMX and WRP. There might be one or two exceptions. As I also stated above, I built this mod purely from vanilla assets, with the addition of only three minor scripts; so there absolutely is nothing included here that can crash or freeze your game.

As far as load order is concerned, I load it toward the bottom of my mod list and have no issues.

I have play tested this mod with a controller as well, and it works perfectly.

For best performance, I would always recommend loading it into a new game.


You will need all issued DLCs to use Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound. I’ve used many items from the four main DLCs, but have also used items from the add on packs:

*Dead Money
*Honest Hearts
*Old World Blues
*Lonesome Road
*Gunrunners Arsenal

*Courier's Stash:
-Caravan Pack
-Classic Pack
-Mercenary Pack
-Tribal Pack


The one request I won’t entertain at all is that of adding auto sorters. I do not like them, and I will not add them. I have placed a couple of drop and ready boxes at the inside entrances if you wish to manually drop things for later pick-up/sorting/junking/selling though. The lockers, crates and duffle bags outside the front door of the house, under the carport can be used for this as well. Just about any other reasonable request will be considered.

My personal request to users is that you let me know of any major problems you might encounter...Just because it plays virtually flawless for me isn’t necessarily a 100% guarantee it will for you…although it should at least play serviceably. So, let me know of any problems, and I will try to rectify them.


Weapon sound lag: a common vanilla issue and in no way specific to this mod. I have re-sounded most Courier 6 unique weapons to make them actually sound like guns. As such, I’ve used larger caliber weapon sound files, so there is a slight sound lag with automatic weapons that kicks in right at 20 rounds fired straight. It does not affect any weapon with a 20 round or smaller mag, or weapons that are not full auto. Not really a big deal, but there it is.

Scope lag on .50 BMG Semi-Auto (Bozar): You may get a one to three second lag where the scope stays up after you lower the weapon.

Veronica can annihilate with Courier 6’s Industrial Hand. Unfortunately, it may stay activated even after a fight and everyone has put their weapons away. The only way around the bug is to reload. If it persists, re-equip her with one of the other Courier 6 unique Fists.

Placed Item Shuffle: There are literally hundreds of placed items in this mod. As is to be expected, if you pick one thing up, it tends to shuffle the items around it. If it really bothers you, reload (although I never recommend re-loading an auto save) and attempt to pick up the wanted item; you tend to get less shuffle that way. Of course, you can just pick-up and rearrange things the way you want as well…or dump it all in containers. I haven’t had any problems with my Couriers or companions walking by placed items and them moving or falling.

Multiple companion follower mods can get a little wonky in a custom built area (or the main game for that matter), but interiors and exteriors of Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound are fully Nav-meshed. I had a minor issue with Super Mutant followers (vanilla and modded add on) who sometimes stick in the geometry upon exiting interiors. They eventually find their way out though. There is fencing around the compound and sometimes followers don’t play nice with fences. No follower issues indoors.


-Bethesda and Obsidian for giving life to Courier 6.
-Nexus modders, for your inspiration.
-The entire Nexus Community…A collection of like-minded people who have collectively, whether modder or loyal user, made PC gaming the superior and liberating experience corporate game executive pinheads and bean counters wish they could suppress! ;-)

Enjoy! Have fun. Best regards to the Community!


**LITE version NOTE: Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound LITE version added 25 Sep 14 by user request. This version removes all weapons, apparel and loot that are available in the original C6 GS Compound. Additionally, I have removed the Sierra Madre vending machine and codes from the house kitchen, the perpetual used chem set from the infirmary, as well as all shipping containers behind the armory. I have also reduced the size of the garden. I have left small things like the bedroll, bitter drink recipe, and slots, as well as most other interfaces and amenities. Please let me know if I missed anything, or of any issues.

Thanks to all!!



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