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A small collection of faction flags to display in your newly rebuilt Nipton.

Permissions and credits
This is a set of textures for the flags in Jokerine's fantastic mod "Nipton Rebuilt". It contains 5 custom flags (I'll take suggestions for more) and 3 from the default game in an easy to install FOMOD package. It also includes a .PSD for those who would like to create their own (would love to see them!).

Installation Instructions:
  • Activate mod file.
  • It will ask you if you want to install it as an update. Select No to install normally. 
  • Select your choice of flag. Choosing "Default Flag" will return it to Jokerine's texture.
  • Confirm the overwrite.
  • Done!

  • Extract the archive.
  • Navigate to \Nipton Rebuilt - Flag Pack\textures and choose a flag from any of the folders.
  • Copy your choice to \Data\textures\_NiptonRebuilt.
  • Overwrite the file (Save a backup if you'd like)
  • Done!

Feel free to use the textures made by me (The NCR, Followers, Southwest Commonwealth and Jokerine's flag textures are NOT made by me so this does not apply to them) in your own mod or anything, so long as it's not a commercial project and you don't claim the work as your own. No permission or credit needed but certainly appreciated!