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Turns Joshua Graham into a possible companion you can take into the Mojave. He's fully functional and fully voiced using Graham's in-game audio files.

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This mod turns Joshua Graham, AKA The Burned Man, into a full-fledged companion. He has all the functionalities (companion perk, dialogue wheel, tactics, wait/follow, go to Lucky 38, etc) and dialogue of any vanilla follower, plus a dialogue option that branches into a bunch of questions himself, the New Canaanites, etc. Basically every dialogue option that would still make sense for him to say post-Honest Hearts is there. Oh, and I changed Joshua's non-playable version of A Light Shining in Darkness to use companion ammo.
Graham already has a bunch of companion dialogue since he's a temporary companion, but I've added dialogue for things like telling him to wait/follow/dismiss/dismiss to Lucky 38, since this wasn't possible when he was a temporary companion in vanilla. All dialogue is fully voiced and lipsynced using Graham's in-game audio files (often cut up and sometimes pieced together, but never in such a way that it sounds unnatural).
Since he's a temporary companion, he had lots of combat-related dialogue which he all uses, eg. when he attacks, combat starts, combat ends, someone gets murdered, etc etc. On top of that I added some combat dialogue I thought was fitting, for the sake of variety. Graham is definitely not a silent follower.

Keep in mind that any member of the Legion will attack Joshua Graham on sight for obvious reasons.

How to recruit him:
Talk to Graham at the Dead Horses camp in Zion, where he will appear and wander around once you've completed Honest Hearts.

Just drop the .esp and sound folder into you Data folder and tick the .esp with your mod manager of choice.

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't change Joshua Graham.

A compatibility patch for the Authentic Burned Man mod is also available.

The correct load order is:
Better Burned Man.esp
BetterBurnedMan - JGrahamCompanion Patch.esp

None that I know of, after testing a bunch.
If you find a bug/oddity/missing lipsync/etc. and you're sure it isn't caused by another mod, let me know and I'll look into fixing it.

Change Log:
Implemented a number of ''weapon checks'' to see if Graham still has his unique weapons, e.g. when starting combat, changing combat style, etc.
This should fix any issues people have had with disappearing/missing weapons (due to the vanilla casino bug or anything else).

Fixed issue causing Graham to lose his inventory right before the end of the final quest in the HH storyline.

Graham now wanders around/reads scripture/sleeps in the Dead Horses camp when dismissed. You can now access his shop dialogue to buy/sell items, but only when dismissed to the Dead Horses camp. Also fixed issue that caused Graham not to appear when the mod was loaded after starting Departing Paradise but before finishing it.

Initial release.