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Adds a prototype Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun to the game, chambered in 12.7mm, called the Chimera. Uses a custom texture. Patch for IMPACT bullet casings available

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The Gun:

The Chimera is an SMMG that fires 12.7mm rounds. This results in a substantial damage increase, at the cost of slightly lower fire rate, durability, magazine size and accuracy. The weapon accepts the same modifications as the standard SMMG. In terms of appearance, it has a poorly applied red coat of spray paint, presumably added by its last owner, in addition to a slightly different metallic material, yellow accents instead of red, and an Enclave emblem on the magazine.


Found on the Dead Prospector in the Deathclaw Promontory who also carries the Enclave Remnants Power Armor by default. See images.


The Enclave Chimera is a 12.7mm prototype version of the Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun designed for use by Enclave troopers as a means of disposing of surplus 12.7mm ammunition. The resulting weapon ended up being so effective that a second line was produced using the more common 10mm round, to be sold for additional income. The Chimera in this mod was carried by a member of the Enclave Remnants, before being looted by a prospector.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Tau34RUS for IHWT - Improved Heavy Weapons Textures, which I based the textures for this mod upon. I highly recommend using his textures alongside this mod, or else the standard SMMG will look oddly low-res and out of place compared to the Chimera.